YIKES! Almost there.

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Oh my goodness – I have heard/read so many people say that the 2nd pregnancy (and subsequent pregnancies) go by so much faster than the first. They aren’t kidding! I am blown away when I think about how quickly the last 9 months have gone by.

I’m nervous and excited about this little one. I’m prepared for it to be the worst time, the first few months. My philosophy is that if I imagine it to be the worst, then maybe it won’t be AS bad as I’m imagining it, lol! When I was pregnant with Z, I thought for sure that I would just naturally fall into the mommy role, since I was a nanny for so many years, and even midnight feedings wouldn’t bother me…then Z was born and it was way harder than my fairy tale thoughts.

FYI – being a nanny/babysitter may prepare you in some sense, for the things parents face BUT definitely doesn’t prepare you to be a parent. You’re on call, literally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 30-31 days a month, 12 months a year. There is no handing the child back at the end of the day.

When they spike a fever for no known reason and you’re sitting there, praying it’s just something simple, but scared it could be worse (hello, stay away from Google…), you realize you were never this worried about another person’s child. When the midnight feedings turn into an added feeding at 3 am? When other moms tell you their little ones are sleeping/slept through the night at X months and you’re looking at your child, thinking “Why can’t you!!!???”. When the pure exhaustion from caring for a child, household, husband and life in general catch up, it’s then you realize that being a nanny DID NOT prepare you adequately at all.

There are perks, however, to having a child. Endless love and snuggles and kisses. Their eyes light up when you enter a room and you know it’s not just because you play with them for a few hours. It’s because you’re their parent. You’re their safe place.

The first few months are hard – everyone is adjusting to this new human. Being a parent never becomes easy (so far, it hasn’t for me and my parents say it’s still not easy when your children are grown and gone), but every season brings different struggles and accomplishments. Bear with me in the next few months. I will be trying my best to keep you all posted. BUT I can’t promise anything, lol!

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