Mind-Blowing: Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

Ok, are you ready for this one? I made it, accidentally, because I wanted the cookie, but I also had leftover cream cheese frosting. Sooo….I combined the two just to see how it tasted. OH MY GOODNESS – delicious. Or at least my pregnant self thinks so! LOL!

You can read the original post for Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Cream Cheese Frosting. Once you have those made, come back here and pay CLOSE attention to making the sandwich. It’s complicated.

#1 – Take a chocolate chip cookie in one hand and hold flat side facing up.

#2 – Take knife and delve into the cream cheese frosting.

#3 – Frost flat side of chocolate chip cookie (use sparingly if you’re weird or frost generously, which is the preferred method).

#4 – Find a chocolate chip cookie similar in size to the frosted on and place its flat side against the frosted side of the original cookie.

#5 – EAT!!!!!!

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