I finally have community

Seeing as we’re expecting Baby #2 in less than 2 months (yikes!), the coming change has prompted me to sit back and review the differences between Baby #1 and Baby #2.

With our son, I was working full-time until the week before he was born (I took maternity leave on my doctor’s advice – for no reason as our son was 4 days overdue, lol).  I had some friends, but none that I would’ve thought “they are there for me!”…unless it worked into their schedule. Z was born and we went home. My husband was home for 1 week and then my mom came and stayed for a week. My in-laws then came and stayed for a few days. Then everyone went home and it was just me and Z. I, being a former nanny and all, thought FOR SURE that being a mommy would be easier than others claimed. I mean, after all, I was a nanny and knew all about how children can be sick, can be stinkers, can cry for no reason, etc.. WRONG. Having a newborn was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. BUT I think it was so hard because I felt so utterly alone. My family was in a different state.

Growing up, I remember the moms getting together, frequently. They would either help one another do things around the house (my aunts literally have “cleaning days” at each others homes! And it’s a blast, because everyone is there chatting and passing the time while cleaning) or just sit and chat. Talking about their day-to-day lives, hearing that they weren’t alone. They laughed, a lot. There was A LOT of laughter in my childhood. I believe a bunch of my aunts still get together regularly. My best friends (also in a different state, but only about an hour from each other) still get together with their mom and sisters on a regular basis. They also babysit for each other on a set day so that the other mommies can run errands, clean or just get things done that are harder done with young children running around.

So when you have that in your past and your present is EXTREMELY different, aka QUIET, it makes the season a little harder.

This time? I am so very blessed to be surrounded by moms who aren’t afraid to be real with me and vulnerable. They say when they’re having a bad day and have “mommy fail” moments. I love being around people who I know they aren’t afraid to be themselves. They aren’t trying to be anything they aren’t. That’s what I longed for – realness with my friends up here. God heard my cry and He definitely provided.

While I’m worried about certain areas when it comes to Baby #2, I know that I can reach out to my community and have the support I lacked when I had Z. I’ll have encouragement, advice and love. I’ll have Godly counsel when I need it (and when I don’t think I do ;)).

Folks, the Lord hears us. I wanted community and I got a large one. I am truly blessed. I know I’ll need each and every one of them when Baby #2 comes along. Whew!

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