20+ weeks – over halfway there!

We’re actually 22 weeks now, but that’s the pic I took 2 weeks ago, when I was 20 weeks. I am feeling our little girl move a lot. I LOVE this part of pregnancy – feeling the life inside!

I can’t believe we’re already over halfway to my due date!!!! So much to do yet. Like…get out of debt, lol! However, short of a miracle (of which our Lord is AMAZING at), we will not be debt free so we will find a way to add another child to the budget. The Lord gave us this blessing so we know that He will provide!

Our son is excited about his new sister. He loves to talk to her and “tickle” her. He also asks me to talk for her, which is hilarious, because he’ll sit there and carry on a conversation with me, but acting like it’s her.

We are also trying to figure out how in the world we will fit 2 children in one small bedroom. We thought of switching their room to ours, but there are two issues; our bed won’t fit in their room (it’s a queen) and that means neither of our dressers will either AND while our room is SLIGHTLY larger, there still wouldn’t be that much room. BUT again, our bed won’t fit in the other room (ok, it does fit but that’s ALL that would fit in that room).

Again, the Lord knew all this when He blessed us with this pregnancy so I am trusting Him (a conscious decision I have to make SEVERAL times a day). I’ve been struggling with trusting Him in all this, because I don’t see how the answers are going to come and when they’ll come (a huge deal for me – a planner!!). Coincidentally, my devotions have been all about trusting God. Hmm…. 😉 One day, it talked about pouring your desires, heart and requests to God BUT then thanking Him that the answers are coming. Every time you start to wonder about the things you prayed about, instead of re-praying about them, simply thank God that He knows the requests and is answering them in the best way possible. That put it into perspective for me! So that’s what I’ve been doing. It’s not easy, but it’s better than it was!

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