Homemade Swiffer Duster – Pinterest Win!

Ok, so I have been wanting to make my own reusable Swiffer dusters and Swiffer (dry) sweeper. Well, yesterday I was able to do it!!! I went to Pinterest and found several different options (from no-sew to sew). I finally settled on this tutorial and set to work.

First, I brought up my sewing machine. Poor thing…its been largely neglected for a good year. 🙁 I was a little rusty on threading the thread (listen, don’t judge me – I know I need to be a better sewer, for my Amish roots sake, but I just don’t have time!) but got that all squared away. I cut my microfiber (4 7″x7″ and 4 4″x7″) and realized the original blog poster was accurate – microfiber makes a HUGE mess when cutting it. Oh well, that’s what a vacuüm cleaner is for! 🙂

I got them all set up and sewed according to her instructions. I was pleasantly surprised that it worked! Mainly, because I don’t always have the best of luck when trying anything off of Pinterest.  My youngest sister can take just about any hairstyle on there and complete it on herself BY herself. When I try it? I look like a backwards 30+ woman who just left a cave and has no idea what in the world the hair on her head is or what it’s meant for. Hence why I stick to 3 different hairstyles: all down, 1/4 up (think little poof on top – mainly I do this on non-hair washing days to keep the grease out of my face), or all up in a ponytail. VERY rarely do I venture into a different style – I don’t have the talent or patience.

So yes, that’s why I was extremely pleased that it turned out so well! It was throwing off a lot of little microfiber beads from being cut, so I threw it in the washer and dryer. It came out nice and clean, without any messy shavings!

Now I just need to find a good tutorial on making a reusable Swiffer Floor Sweeper…I found a few promising blogs! I’ll keep you posted.

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