A new year!

It’s a new year – and we’re back to “business as usual” as of last Tuesday! I had the 30th – 2nd “off”. I didn’t babysit or work (not much, anyway) for any of my little ventures. My husband was home and we just enjoyed having this little family time together! Our son was SOAKING it all up, as well.

Our son’s love language is, for sure, time spent with him. That fills him up and he just glows. His behavior was much better (not perfect, obviously..he is 3, ha!) and with less tempers.

Now I’m back to babysitting and working, but our son is still behaving. He helped me make muffins last week (recipes are coming!) and has been playing extremely sweetly with J, who I babysit. J seems to be in a good mood as well, so that’s great for me. 🙂

Since I haven’t really didn’t do too much the end of December, it was time to get back to the normal routine. On Tuesday, alone, I did (a ton of) laundry, made some muffins (that was partly for fun and partly because I had ingredients that needed to be used up), got my monthly meal plan scheduled (I am using 100 Days of Real Food – so far, I’ve been able to stay on budget with these meals! We’re on day 60 or something like that.), more thoroughly cleaned up my kitchen and worked on the blog a little. I also worked a lot more on my freelance work than I normally do, but that’s because I got some extra work so that was a blessing.

How has your new year been so far? Any big plans this year? I don’t make resolutions, normally, so I didn’t this year either. I mean, we have goals and plans we’ll be working towards, so those might count, I suppose. I did tell myself that I would make more time for ME this year. I was so good about that in 2015, but got away from it in 2016, because of how focused on debt we’ve been. We are still just as focused, but I am going to make time for myself as well. I was just getting too burned out by the end of 2016 (or even the middle of…ha!).

Looking forward to this new year and all that is in store!

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