An incredibly insightful post

Those cookies got your attention, didn’t they? 😉 My son made his very own batch of cookies this past week. He decided to put chocolate chips AND marshmallows in the batter. I must say, it was DELICIOUS!!!! It was harder to bake, since the marshmallows wanted to crisp to the pan, when heated too long BUT I also had to make sure the cookies were baked through, lol. Either way, they were amazing. My son seems to have a good taste for baking. 😉


So, as I sit here, in the brand new 2017 – I was thinking how I should post something super insightful, wise and thought-provoking. BUT I just can’t think of anything..ha!

What I am thinking about is everything that happened in 2016 – paying off about 1/2 our debt, trading in expensive vehicles for less expensive, huge budget cuts, LOTS and LOTS of working, amazing times enjoying the great outdoors, our son turned 3 (and has the personality of an adult, for real…he uses logic WAY too often for my liking…how am I supposed to be able to say “Because I said so” when he wants a definite reason – he’s not being ornery, it’s just his personality..), we found out we’re expecting our 2nd baby AND found out, even more surprisingly, that we’ll be having a girl! We made new friends and grew tremendously in our faith. I established routines, settled into them, only to re-assess and switch up the routine.

What do I think 2017 will hold? I’m not sure about certain things. I do know it means a new child in the mix (meaning new routines), lots of work, baking, cooking, loving and soaking up the blessed life I have. I am sure it will bring many tired days and nights…learning new things about myself, my husband, my son and our daughter.

Lord willing, it will bring a larger home, but if not, we will make do with what we have. It’s been our home for 11 years, so it holds many memories – love and heartache.

Have I made any resolutions? No. Not officially, anyway. I’ll be focused on my faith, my family and being used by God. It will not be an easy year, I know that. BUT hard does not mean that it will be bad. 2016 was hard, but it was an amazing year.

What am I most looking forward to in 2017? SUMMER!!!!!!! OK, OK, the birth of our daughter, as well. 😉 But seriously looking forward to sunshine and warm weather…oh so ready for it..and it’s only January…lol!

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