Baby Girl on Board

So we were surprised to learn that we are having a girl!!!! WHAT??!! I was so positive that I was carrying a boy…the pregnancy has mimicked my son’s so far. When I learned we were having a girl, it took me a second. Like “what? No way..that can’t be right”. But the doctor has assured us that we are, indeed, having a girl!

Several things went through my head;

  1. Oh my goodness – all I have is boy clothes (and LOTS of them)…we hadn’t budgeted for a baby, let alone a girl!
  2. If we’re still in this home in a year, the children will be sharing a room…Z’s room is straight up BOY. Plus his name is written, in blocks, on his wall…so we’ll have to take that down or place it over his bed… and put her name up on her side of the (extremely small) room..
  3. Now I have to deal with puberty and a girl…I was hoping I’d luck out and my husband would be the one to have to deal with all things puberty, if we had 2 boys! HA!
  4. Now I get to buy bows and tutus..and pink things.
  5. Wait, not least not new…has to be second-hand and a great price.

Plus many more thoughts, but those were the first few! My first thought has already been pushed away, as just last week, I received this LARGE, packed box full of girl clothes (haven’t gone through them yet, but looks like a little of everything, from 0-3 months to 3t). So many clothes!!!!

What a HUGE blessing!! I have several other moms telling me that they have clothes for me as well. I’m a little excited about girl clothes. 😉

I know everything else will fall into place as well. The Lord blessed us with this daughter and I know He will take care of us!!!! BUT prayers are still welcome. 😉

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