Christmas Season

We are getting into the season around here…first, I had A LOT of baked goods orders this week. WOW!!! I was swamped every morning, trying to get my baking done. Then busy in the afternoon getting my work done.

This morning we co-hosted a Birthday Party for Jesus. I believe there were about 20 children and maybe 12-13 moms? All from my MOPS. 🙂 My little home was crowded, but it was amazing. I LOVE hosting events and don’t do it very often. The children all seemed to enjoy themselves and us mom’s chatted as we could.

This is the cake that I made! Well, and the cupcakes. I cheated with the cupcakes and used a boxed cake that I tweaked (substituted butter, by double, instead of oil. Milk instead of water, and added one more egg). The actual layer cake was White as Snow Cake, mixed in some Christmas sprinkles, and received quite a few compliments!! It’s a very easy cake, but also really delicious!

I called my sister and got a great butter-cream frosting recipe from her (totally didn’t think to ask her where she got it). The frosting isn’t as “nice” as I would’ve liked, but I was crunched for time, so I just frosted the cake and cupcakes as fast as I could.

All in all, I’m so happy I stepped out on a limb and had all the ladies and children here! We mostly stayed in the basement, which was PERFECT. We could see all the children at the same time and see each other as well.

My son kept asking when Jesus was getting here for His birthday party….hmmm…maybe I should’ve thought that through a little more. I tried explaining that we might not be able to see Jesus, but He’s always with us. That didn’t fly with Z. He was insistent that Jesus show up, in person, for His party. I should’ve hired someone to pose as Jesus, lol!!!!

Anyway, I’m praying you all have a blessed Christmas – a time to be with those you love and reflect on all the good things in your life. I know I will be. I am truly blessed!

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