Trying to Keep Up


I know, I know!!! It’s been way too long since I had a post. Honestly? It’s because I have so much else going on that there really isn’t time! When I have free time, it’s spent on to-do’s that bring in money. Unfortunately, for me, this blog hasn’t brought in a single penny BUT I so enjoy writing. If I wasn’t trying to bring in money ASAP, I’d be able to spend a few hours on the blog and trying to find a way to earn money through this.

It’s hard to always focus on work and making money…I get burnt out frequently. A good friend asked me, today, how I stay motivated (especially now that Winter seems to be here in full swing). I told her that I honestly lack A LOT of motivation in the winter. The weather is blah…the sky is blah…everything seems blah to someone like me – a lover of Summer. I don’t accomplish my to-do’s because I’m motivated. NOPE. I accomplish them because they HAVE to be done. I can’t stand to have a to-do list, so I complete items as efficiently as possible. That includes my work. I also realize that the end goal – being DEBT-FREE – is only accomplished when I do my part to bring in income. I am blessed to be able to do so while being at home with our son (soon-to-be-two children)!

How’s PC, my direct sales business? Well, I make a few dollars here and there, but nothing major. Again, if I didn’t spend my “free time” working on projects that bring in dedicated money, I could focus more on my career in direct sales and grow that.

The baking season is in full swing, so that keeps me SUPER busy. Between my son, childcare, baking and working on my free-lance projects, there just isn’t time.

Now, I COULD work in the morning (meaning, get up at 4 am..ewwww) or in the evening, after our son is in bed. BUT that means that I lose my time with my husband and I won’t give that up. I need that time to refresh and focus on him.

Also, I could stay up late and work after my husband is in bed…but, again, no. I also need sleep. Not only for the next day’s energy, but because I am growing a child currently and KNOW that in a few short months, I will be lacking A LOT of sleep. 😉 I’m getting the rest while I can!

I reserve my morning hours to crafts, projects and playtime with the boys (my son was painting early this morning and I LOVED being able to just sit with him and talk). We have play-dates and I make sure they have outlets for all their energy. This is also a part of my day I REALLY enjoy – I get to be a mom and just have fun!

So, I will continue as I’ve been – working hard, loving hard and playing as often as I can. I refuse to allow my extra work to take over all my time. I have designated times for working my free-lance and that routine is working for me now. I’m sure it’ll change over time, but for now, I have a routine and I like it. 🙂

I am sorry I don’t write more – I love writing and I hope I can be on here more often, soon!

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  1. I enjoy your posts and link to them on as often as I can, and they are popular with my readers – I understand about revenue/blogging, you do have an aggressive ad program on your site, doesn’t that bring in anything? – Kevin

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