Plans? What plans?


What a crazy summer it was! So many things happened from me taking on more work to unexpected expenses popping up! It just seems that we can’t have a quiet week. 😉

So what’s new this time? Well……..we put our condo on the market, for sale by owner, and are praying for the Lord to sell it or guide us differently. The hard part is how expensive rentals and homes (to buy) are up here! We thought we could rent our next place and finish paying off debt and save up for a down payment on a house BUT rentals are more expensive than a home up here in Michigan. We’re praying though and believe that God will lead us in the coming months.

What else is new?


Yes, that’s right – we’re expecting Baby #2!!!! WHAT??!!! No, we weren’t trying (hello, I have a plan for being out of debt in a year, right?), but we fully believe that the Lord has blessed us with a second child, at this time, for a reason. In the meantime, I will sit here and freak out because, according to my plan, we won’t be out of debt by the time Baby #2 comes….EEEKK!!! I also, currently, live in a 2 bedroom condo. It’s not ideal for a newborn AND a 3-year-old. What do I do about naps (for the children…and maybe me if I’m lucky)? Where will we put a crib? Our bedroom isn’t large enough and neither is Z’s room…

Yes, we have the condo on the market and are praying for a buyer to miraculously buy it for what we’re asking.

Yes, I know God has a plan and His plan is WAY better than mine could ever be. I also believe that us being debt free is in line with His will for us, so I need to trust that He will lead us towards that, Baby #2 and all!

If you know anyone looking to move to Novi, MI or surrounding areas – pass them along to me! Maybe they’ll be the right fit for this home! 😉

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