How we’re doing with paying down debt


I haven’t updated you all lately on our debt situation. The reality? Hard work DOES pay off! We are about 9 months away from being debt free and that is saying no money comes in unexpectedly AND that no unseen expenses pop up. To think that we started this journey approximately 10 months ago and we thought it would take at least 3 years? And now we’re looking at 1.5 years that it will have taken? I mean, it’s incredible!

It hasn’t been easy. There have been A LOT of sacrifices. We don’t dine out like we’d like to, we don’t buy items just because. We have a grocery budget of $50 weekly and stick to it. When someone invites us somewhere and it costs money we don’t have? As much as we want to go, we decline. We traded nice vehicles for older, dependable and CHEAPER vehicles. When invited to a get-together where food is requested, we MAKE the food instead of purchasing at the store (I know, this part isn’t that hard for me because I love to cook and bake BUT sometimes just grabbing something from the store would be much less time-consuming).

It’s been a humbling time, but also a great learning time. We’re learning that all the things we thought we “needed” previously? Those were wants, for sure. We are learning how to look around us for ways to make do with what we already have.  We find fun, FREE, things to do as a family.

We have also really grown in our spiritual walk. It’s amazing how, using the money He’s entrusted us with faithfully, this helps your faith grow. We’re really relying on Him to provide for our every need all the while paying back our debts. Debts we are happy to see leave!!!!

Yes, our faith has been tested. We’ve had quite a few unexpected expenses come up and have had to use money that would’ve gone towards debt. BUT we’re still WAY ahead of schedule!!!! Why? I fully believe that what we’re doing is in line with His will for our lives. Because of that, He is just providing what we need when we need it.

Am I working a lot? YES. BUT count it all joy because I am working FROM HOME. I’m blessed to be able to stay at home with our son and yet bring in money to go towards bills and debt. I”m so thankful I don’t have to drop our son off daily at a daycare. It’s not something that would go well for me. I’d be a blubbering mess and I’m not entirely sure I would be able to actually work for more than a day or two while doing this. My heart is to be at home with our child. The Lord knows this and has provided ways for me to do this.

Does it mean that I don’t get a lot of “free time”? Sure. But the Lord is also gracious in giving me the time I need every day to get my work accomplished. Whether it’s my “work for pay” or my household work.

Let me leave you with this – if you’ve been thinking about getting on a tight budget to pay down debt or to save up for something (house, car, school), it can be done. It takes hard work and dedication, but it’s totally possible! Just ask me. 🙂

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