Why Plans Don’t Always Matter


So life has been somewhat smooth and chugging along nicely when it comes to paying down our debt. I’ve taken on quite a few miscellaneous work-from-home jobs (read about the latest two here and here) in order to help make this a little quicker. We eliminated both of our more expensive vehicles for cheaper (but still very nice and reliable) vehicles (I’ll also add that I LOVE my 3rd row seating in my vehicle..LOVE it. I don’t feel like I gave anything up at all, lol!!!!).

However,  about a month ago, my husband had a dentist appointment for some routine cleaning. Except he has not been to the dentist in WAY too long. Sooooo, cue two follow up appointments which included in-depth cleanings of the gums, a crown and a wisdom-tooth pulling. Also cue money flying out the window as I cry internally (but am happy that we had the cash for).

THEN our phones start not working properly. We were losing signal, not receiving messages and some other not-so-fun things. As we both use our phones for work, we need reliable phones. My husband did quite a bit of research and we bought phones,  that we paid for with cash.

BUT THEN, the day after we purchase the phones? My laptop takes a poop. Now, it’s been going for quite some time. It’ll freeze randomly. I’ll get a black screen for no reason. I can’t even get it to restart. I’ll have to do a hard shut down. My sister, who’s a super I.T. gal and knows how to fix anything, even said a few months ago that it was probably because our laptop was so old that we didn’t even really remember how old it was. Eeek…but I was still holding on to the hope that it would be faithful and not die until we were debt free and even then, maybe hang on a little longer. NOPE. Sigh..so more research was done and off to buy a laptop.

Oh, and for your info, laptops do not come with anything anymore. You have to buy the whole Office Suite separately. Like Excel, Word, all that. ARGH!!!!!!

Through it all, though, I am thanking God for all the provisions He has given us. Yes, I’m stressed about all that money that went out. BUT I fully realize that, a year ago, we’d have put everything on credit cards and been even deeper in debt. Not the case this year!!! That’s a GREAT feeling. šŸ™‚

So, we’re pushing onward and will continue to pay the debt down. Every opportunity I have to make some money, I will do so. It is all an opportunity to go towards debt and prayerfully soon, I can show you all a video (maybe even LIVE on my Facebook page!!) of me doing my “debt free scream!” Unless my son is sleeping…then it’ll be a whisper…but I promise, when we’re debt free, you will see a video of me doing something crazy! šŸ™‚

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