Added Another Log


Yes, I did. I added another child to my résumé. No, I didn’t birth her, obviously. 😉 But an opportunity presented itself for me to watch a sweet little 18 month old girl, A, and I took it. We did a trial run last week and it went extremely well. My son took to her immediately. For real – he doted on her and is so excited that she is coming back.

I will have her anywhere from a half-day to a very long day (think 14 hours), when she’s here. Her parents work in the medical field so it all depends on their hours. The good news to that is that it’s not every day. I had her 1.5 days last week and have her two 1/2 days this week.

I also have a meeting tomorrow with another couple. Why? Well, I will be their backup for when their current childcare provider (also an in-home provider) isn’t available. They have a 2-year-old boy. So I have the potential of having 4 children, at the same time, all under 4. 🙂

Am I crazy? Nah, I’m MOTIVATED, folks! The best part about it all is that, normally, I would be freaking out about having all this to do. Because, on top of watching the children, I also still do free-lance, I work on Swagbucks as I have time (not often), I work on the blog (I know, not as much I should..but now you know why), I work on my direct sales (see Facebook, lol – I still am not allowed to talk about it on here for some reason), I am cat-sitting again this week for a neighbor (it’s starting to be a semi-regular gig), and I am also on the MOPS steering committee now. Soo…yeah, I am really using my Google calendar to keep my life straight right now, lol!

But even with all that going on, I feel centered and not overwhelmed. Thank you, Jesus! 🙂

Oh, and another praise – we traded in my husband’s truck and got an older, cheaper vehicle for me (3rd row seating – much-needed now, lol!) AND just found out today that the lease on what used to be my car has been transferred to another gentleman!!!! That means we’ll get a car to replace it (for my husband), but it’ll be much cheaper as well. So we’re saving even more money every month on our vehicles!!! WOO HOO!!!

There are ways to lower your expenses folks and increase your income – we’re living proof!!! It means A LOT of hard work and dedication. It means even more sacrifices. It means being exhausted. BUT, to me, it’s so worth it to not have that debt hanging over us. 🙂

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