Put Another Log on the Fire


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So I grew up hearing “Put another log on the fire”..basically just those words from that song. I JUST now went and read the full lyrics. I’m dying from laughter. I don’t mean what the song is saying. What I mean is – guess who just added another job to her already long list? Yup, this girl. I’m now a remote assistant to a local author! She’s super sweet and I just found out about the job yesterday and within 24 hours, I was hired.

Want to hear the story? Well, remember how I advertised that I was doing laundry service? No? Well, it was a long time ago..and it was one of many things I did (or now do). A woman from my MOPS group was having her home renovated and didn’t have her washer and dryer available, so I helped her out (or she helped me – ok, it was mutual. I helped her and she helped me, lol!). Another woman from our MOPS group, Ms. Author, is close friends with Ms. Laundry (that’s what we’ll call them, so I don’t use real names). I didn’t know this, though. Anyway, I did Ms. Laundry’s laundry. I even folded her clothes WAY nicer than I do my own.

PAUSE – for real. She paid me to do her laundry. I could not, in any way, shape or form, allow those clothes to leave my house looking like I didn’t care. I was raised better than that. So I made sure that her clothes were folded at a MUCH higher standard than mine ever are. I felt a little bad when my husband was sitting there one night, while I was folding Ms. Laundry’s clothes, and all their clothes were so nicely folded. But he was sweet and didn’t say a word about how Mr. Laundry’s undershirts were meticulously folded, when my own husband’s undershirts are folded, yes, but definitely not without wrinkles. 😉 I’d like to think my husband didn’t notice….

Anyway, Ms. Laundry is close friends with Ms. Author and Ms. Author is looking for an assistant. So Ms. Laundry contacted me yesterday and asked if I was interested in being a remote assistant, part-time, for Ms. Author. Now, I only know Ms. Author from afar. I admire her because she seems real and she’s spunky and funny. I had no idea that Ms. Laundry and Ms. Author were friends, but it makes sense, since Ms. Laundry is authentic and sweet as well. Anyway, I told Ms. Laundry that I would be interested.

Late last night, I received an email from Ms. Author giving me a few particulars about the position and so I responded this morning that I was interested. She set up a phone call this afternoon and it’s settled – I’m a part of her team! It’s just a few hours a week, but it’ll be money towards debt.

Folks – when you ask the Lord to help you, He answers. Yes, my schedule is filling up more than I’ve ever thought possible BUT He has also given me the tools to complete the tasks.

Also, Ms. Author and the leader of MOPS have asked me about speaking at MOPS, regarding finances. WHAT? I’m going to pray and think about it. As you all know, I’m very open about our situation and I do hustle, lol. I am a huge advocate for not being in debt and that, if you are in debt, you CAN get out of it. You just have to put your mind to it and be willing to work hard. Will you lose sleep? Probably (in my case, it’s a big fat YES). Will you be stressed at times? Yes. Will there still be times of hardship with money? Sure. BUT you are living poor now so that you NEVER HAVE TO AGAIN (Lord willing)!

So to recap – what all am I doing now, as odd jobs?

  1. In-home childcare
  2. Blog (to be fair, this brings in $0)
  3. Swagbucks
  4. Amazon Mechanical Turk
  5. Pet-sitting
  6. Laundry (although, for now, no one needs this)
  7. Baking
  8. Transcription
  9. Consultant for a certain MLM company (see my Facebook blog ;))
  10. Remote assistant

In the meantime, while all these jobs are going on, we have both of our vehicles (one is a lease and one we bought almost new) up for sale/lease transfer. We’re serious about this, folks.

Anyone else on this journey with us?

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