Here’s to 32!


I celebrated my 32nd birthday this past weekend – with my husband and son. First, they took me on a picnic dinner to a local park on my actual birthday. After we ate dinner, played on the playground and played some baseball, we headed to a local racetrack for Z to watch the horses race. He was so excited!


When they were warming up, they would get pretty close to the fence and he just was beside himself with excitement! I love watching life through his eyes. 🙂

Saturday we had another day of being outside almost all day. LOVE. We ended the day by “splurging” and taking Z to play putt-putt. This was the first time, and again, he was so excited. He played well. As well as a 2.5 year old will play – meaning there were definitely rules broken. 😉


Sunday we went to church and followed that up with some light grocery shopping. Came home and worked a little on a vegetable garden my husband is making for me (product will be revealed when it’s finished!). Our son took a nap and my husband and I just sat outside and enjoyed each other’s company. Z woke up and we all worked outside on the veggie garden until it was dinner time.

My husband and I were exhausted last night and so was Z. He didn’t get out of his bed at all once we put him down for the night. All that fresh air did us in!! 🙂

All in all, it was a great birthday weekend. The Lord blessed us with beautiful weather so I could be outside (if you are paying attention, then you know I LOVE being outside) the entire time. My husband gave me the gift of “time” and that was what I wanted and needed!!! I am not excited about being older (birthdays are something I dread, for some reason), but I am excited for all that’s in store.

Here’s to another year!

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