Running on fumes again


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Time for a “real talk” post again…I feel like I’m running on fumes again. We were doing SO GREAT at paying debt down and I just felt “ahead of the game” when it came to our finances. Then, some things happened.

First, the boy I babysit has not been at our house regularly for a while. In the past month there have been about 2.5 weeks where he wasn’t here – so that’s quite a bit of lost money.

THEN our condo association notified everyone that we all owe a nice lump sum to have locked mailboxes put in. No, we didn’t vote on them being put it. The association decided they wanted them and so they’re doing it and charging us. We had 30 days to get the money to them.

BUT THEN, I also had a medical bill come due from OVER A YEAR AGO. Yup, a year. I called and asked why it was just now being sent and they said because insurance paid it all at first, but then disputed it with the doctor’s office and now, between the two of them, the amount they billed my husband is what is owed. SIGH.

THEN we had a completely flat tire on our truck.

Oh, and THEN (I know, I know, shut it already, Mandy), I had my semi-annual dentist appointment and everything looked great EXCEPT that my dentist now “highly recommends” that I have all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. I called the surgeon and he needs $200 up front (not covered by insurance), for the 3D exam to see how to remove them. Apparently my wisdom teeth are deep-rooted and close to my sinus cavities and some nerves that he really wants to be careful about, when he goes in to remove them.

I have been doing amazing with my direct sales, but it’s definitely not replacing babysitting or making up for lost wages at this point.

I’m back to working on Amazon and Swagbucks to make even more money, to hopefully help cover some of the gap. So I’m back to POSSIBLY feeling burnt out, or close to it.

I told my husband this past week, “I want to go back to being ‘just’ a mom.” I feel that I am not giving my son enough time. I want to home-school, and wanted to start some form of it in the fall, but that might prove extremely difficult with the workload I currently have.

So I took time to just sit and pray, quietly one day this past week. My son walked up and said “what are you doing, mommy?” So I said that mommy was praying quietly. He sat down in front of me and said, “I pray quietly too, mommy.” I had to snap a picture to remind myself that he’s always watching and listening.


I want what I do to be a positive influence on him, not negative. I remind myself this is just a season (again, trying to stay focused on that) and that this too shall pass.

In the meantime, I am praying that the Lord just provides the means to lessen the yoke a little. 😉 Until that happens, I will persevere! He does not allow anything to happen that I can’t handle!!!

Excuse me while I go curl up and whine to Him for a few though…hehe…He makes a great sounding board. 🙂

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