Teaching our children the importance of moving


That’s my son – and that picture basically sums up how he moves. Constantly in the air, lol. This amazing child is such a blessing, let me tell you! Well, I already have, many times. He can frustrate me, yes, but he definitely blesses me more often than not. He reminds me that while I am not perfect, I am the perfect mom for him. He soaks up things I don’t even know I am teaching him.

Like activity. This child LOVES to be outdoors and moving. I have been taking him with me for my runs. And he LOVES it! He especially loves it when I’m done running and I take him out of the stroller (yes, I push him in the stroller for my run..which means I’m pushing a 30+ pound child PLUS a stroller which weighs at least 20 pounds) and he is then allowed to walk or run. His choice. He normally runs. I love it. I love that he’s active and wants to stay that way.

I also love that we’re teaching him at a young age that exercise is important. Not just for physical health, but for mental health too. It’s important to get out there and move. If you can’t get outside, we work out indoors! Now, I am not a fan of planking with my son on my back, but I do it. Not for long, but I do.

He’ll also do push-ups and crunches with me. His attention span for indoor exercise is not very long. I completely understand that. Mine isn’t either. So I’m always happy when the sun is shining and we can head outside for walks and runs.

It’s also important that we don’t teach that exercise is EVERYTHING. We can’t make it seem like exercise is a chore, or an addiction. We have to teach them that exercise, like everything else, should be done in moderation. (Let’s not talk about those Butterfinger cookies – see them here – and how quickly my husband and I crushed them. ALL OF THEM. Like to the point where my husband asked me to never make them again…they are that addictive.)

In the end, we teach them that simply getting up and moving is the key. Move around the house – dance, sing, play hide and go seek, or “chase” (seriously, my son just loves it when I chase him around the house – he giggles uncontrollably!). Get outside and play, walk, or run. Whatever it is, just move.

Keep the energy flowing and the mind will stay refreshed while the body is energized! 🙂 I see too many children sitting on electronics and in front of screens today. Why? We need to insist that they play, make noise and be children! Go outside or stay inside. Whatever the case, just use their imagination (and yours!) and play. I think you’ll find that moving with your child(ren) will bring about a whole new closeness as well. 🙂

Seriously – with Spring here and Summer almost here, who wants to be stuck inside any longer? NOT ME!!! Hello outdoors!!!! 🙂

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