What to do when the weather (finally) turns


I’m getting spoiled…I’ve had 4, yes FOUR, days in a row where I have made time for myself. I have set the computer to the side for about an hour and have taken time to do something for myself. It has been so worth it! It’s helped that the last 3 days have been GORGEOUS!!!!

So I’m back to getting my sun time as well! Boy does that enhance my mood! I know, I know, sounds silly to some of you. But to others, I am betting you totally get it. There is just something about sunshine and heat that really does feed me. It’s that amazing Vitamin D! I get that and suddenly, things really do look up! My body feels better and my mood is better!

We spent the majority of our weekend outside as well – my son even took me on a nice long nature walk. I LOVE that he enjoys being outdoors as much as I do. This child will just stay outside all day long and I’m more than ok with that. In fact, we will readily encourage that!


Today’s children seem to want to be indoors, on their electronics, way too often. So we will fend that off with our son, prayerfully. So far, the great outdoors wins no matter what. Probably helps that he has two parents that will choose outside every single time as well. 😉

Can you all do that? WILL you? Encourage your children to get up and go outside. Not just your children, but you as well! Go outside with them. Either join in the activities with them, or grab a chair and enjoy watching them. I promise – it’s so worth it. They’ll enjoy it and they’ll LOVE the time you’re spending with them and INVESTING in them. 🙂

It’s Spring, folks – let’s make these precious days count, when the weather is nice and allows for outdoor play!!!! It’s been cold for way too long, in my opinion. 🙂

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