Confession Time


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Time for me to be “real” again with you all and make a confession. Remember last summer when I said that “me time” is really important? (Read about it here) Well, for the last 5 months or so I have not really had any “me time”. Every free moment I have is tied up with working on something. Whether it was Swagbucks, Amazon, laundry for others, freelance work, researching multiple ways to earn legit money while working from home, etc (I was doing this even on Sundays, you all!). I have been burnt out, for sure.

I felt drained and exhausted, quite often. I was stressed and my poor husband often caught the brunt of it. I have been so focused on cutting corners, financially, and finding ways to add to the income while paying off as much debt as possible.

I am happy to report that it seems I have some breathing room again!!!! I have my DS business (again, follow me on FB to see what that is :)) that is flourishing, thank you, Jesus! On top of that, I’m still babysitting J daily. PLUS, I am a fill-in babysitter for several fellow mommies at MOPS. So, while I am busy, I have prioritized everything and am trying to keep everything organized and in its respectful time and place! 🙂

*Bunny Trail – I applied and was approved this week. I am on the steering committee at MOPS! I have definitely enjoyed being a part of a mom group where I’m accepted and where I also learn so much. Ways to flourish as a wife and mom. So to be a part of the leadership team is really exciting for me!* 🙂

So with everything falling into place (again, thank the Lord!), I feel that I can give myself some “me time” again. Today I will finish this post and then sit and read some magazines until the boys wake up from their naps. I wanted to go outside in the sunshine, but my husband told me the sunshine is really deceiving and it’s not as warm as it appears. He was right. Unfortunately. Because I really wanted to sit outside and read my magazines. However, this weekend it is supposed to hit 70 degrees. Guess who will be sitting outside? Soaking up that Vitamin D?


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