Back to reality


This time last week I was settling in for a nice 5-day stay with my parents… Today? Well, it’s been non-stop going since my eyes opened. There was so much that needed to be caught up on. The mail, cleaning, baking (hello, needed bread!), back to babysitting, and just getting back into the swing of things.

I think I have most of it done. There are a few things left to do, but that’s a given. Is there ever a time when you can sit and say “I have nothing to do!”? If so, you’re amazing! 🙂 I don’t remember the last time I had that feeling, lol.

I believe it was only last week that I shared we were farther ahead in the debt payoff than I had imagined we were. So I have been pretty excited about that. I also received my first paycheck from my DS business and it was MUCH MORE than I dreamed it would’ve been. I only submitted 5 shows before the check was cut and I averaged almost $140 a show! WOOT WOOT! Now, this month and May are not nearly as booked as I would like (contact me to host a fun evening on Facebook with your friends and earn some amazing free products while you’re at it – we have some amazing deals for folks! My average host received $140 in free products, three 1/2 priced items and 25-30% off everything else! Plus, April’s host special is 60% off stoneware, which is on top of all the other deals! – Yes, shameless plug there..hehe..but you have to go to the blog’s Facebook page to see what DS company I’m talking about 😉 ), but I’m trusting that God knows what He’s doing.

I came home and today had to call the dentist to reschedule my semi-annual exam and to schedule one for my husband. Got that done, then had to call my husband’s doctor. My husband had an overdue bill we didn’t know about and it was going to be sent to collections if it wasn’t paid. I called them, straightened it out and paid it, but that was definitely not budgeted so there goes that money…Also have another bill from back in October for our son’s annual well-child visit. Should be 100% covered, but now it would appear our insurance is fighting it for some reason. SIGH!!!!!

On top of all that, we got our official letter in the mail from our association. They are installing locked mailboxes for the entire condo neighborhood and we are all required to pay $150 within 30 days.

I want to be back at my parents where I don’t have to look at mail and bills….anyone else want to join me? 🙂

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