A Last-Minute Blessing


Hi everyone!!!! Guess what I am doing this week? I’m at my parents house! For the WHOLE week!!!!! I don’t know the last time I was able to do this..have I even done this since my son was born? I don’t think I have! J, the boy I babysit, is on spring break with his family so I decided to come in to my parents house, last-minute. I am so happy I did! Z and I are having a blast relaxing with my parents and seeing a bunch of people while we’re at it.

So far we’ve seen Papa at work (Z was LOVING all the tractors and trucks), visited with my in-laws (Z’s other grandparents) and visited with some friends and family. And the week is only halfway over!

We have a ladies day planned on Friday with the men all joining us Friday night. 🙂

On top of all this, I’m getting a lot of work done with my DS business so that’s a bonus!

Z and I miss Daddy, and it is weird to be here without him. I’m used to him always being around. Always being that “enforcer”. Now it’s up to me and, well, I’m not quite as firm as daddy is. But Z is doing a great job at listening, despite the INSANE amounts of sugar (honey, if you’re reading this, pretend you didn’t just read that he’s been having a lot of sugar..to be fair, he’s been around two sets of grandparents – mainly grandmas…just saying).

All in all, I am having a blessed week and it’s been refreshing. I’m very happy that my husband set aside how much he’ll miss us and pushed for me to come. He’s amazing. 😉

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