Can I get an Amen? Hard Work DOES Pay Off!!!


I put my son to work and it paid off! Just kidding. 😉 He does enjoy “working” with mommy, and I love when he’s up in my lap having fun…of course, that’s when I’m done working. If I’m not done and he’s basically crawling up my back and standing on my head, asking to “work”, then I’m frustrated. Hehe…

Alright – on to the basis of this post. Folks, be encouraged!!!! Hard work? It does pay off! It’s not always instant, but it does happen! I was paying bills yesterday and decided to check the balance of the card we’re focused on now as I receive an email statement from them BUT I haven’t paid attention to the balance. I honestly don’t remember the last time we even got a statement – thinking it’s because we pay on the card throughout the month as we have extra money and then I also pay our budgeted “debt snowball” amount – so we don’t ever have any “minimum amount due”?

Anyway, so I checked the balance – and we’re WAY lower than what I expected!!! WOO HOO!!!

On top of that, in only my first 5 submitted shows with this new company, I have made way more than I would have ever thought. It’s a great company with amazing products that people love! It shows in how quickly folks want to have these parties! And I am LOVING it. I love what I’m doing – FINALLY!!!

I have several things I’m doing that I love, right now – transcription work (freelance), my direct sales (seriously, so much fun – who knew?), and being home!!!!!! (The fact that I’m actually making money on all those things is even better – especially when the debt is decreasing – thank you, Jesus!)

Before you think I’m pulling your chain about the direct sales, you should know by now that I’d tell you if I didn’t like it or if it wasn’t working for me. Put it this way – I’m busy, BUT I’m doing something that is natural to me. I’m being social and interacting with folks, via email, text, Facebook, in-person and via phone. AND I get to talk about cooking and baking. So that part is fairly normal for me to enjoy anyway. As for making an income – I would tell you if it wasn’t working. I’ve been brutally honest with you all, thus far, on what has worked for me and what hasn’t. And I will continue to do that!

I feel like I’m getting into a nice routine – I’m still tired, but I don’t feel worn out. I feel like I have a little breathing room, finally! Just in time for summer. 🙂

What about you – does anyone else have a success to share, big or small? 🙂 I would LOVE to hear it! In a world of negativity, let’s talk about what’s positive!!!!

One thought on “Can I get an Amen? Hard Work DOES Pay Off!!!

  1. So excited for you guys!!!! 🙂 And you are a total natural at your direct sales endeavor. So glad it is working out for you!!!!

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