My (mostly) non-religious Good Friday Post


That picture is about as religious as I will get in this post. Not because I don’t appreciate and love all that was done for me on Good Friday, by Jesus – but because I just do not have the emotional strength to delve that deep into something now. If I’m going to talk about something as significant as Good Friday, I want to be able to really delve into what it really means to me and not just glaze over it. I will say that I love that picture of my son. It was taken just about an hour ago, when we left our Good Friday service at church. So there – that’s my “religion” talk. 😉

So I have been BUSY this week again. I have a show tonight (on Facebook, so no getting dressed required, woot woot!), so I am getting ready to settle in for that. I realized that I really enjoy doing the Facebook shows. They’re fast and fun! I spent some time this week organizing and adding to my knowledge about my newest business. I’m excited about it and pray that the business continues to grow. I’m doing all I can, so the rest, I leave to the Lord!

I’ve also been doing quite a bit of transcription work and have realized that I love that as well! It pays well (MUCH better than my other small side jobs, for sure), and I really enjoy all the typing. I was an administrative assistant to a CFO years ago and that was probably one of my most favorite jobs. It helped that he was a great boss and the department I worked with was incredible. But transcription was also part of the job and I really enjoyed that. I’m back to doing it – and very happy I decided to! It’s a private client that I found, so no – I can’t direct anyone to a website. I advertised that I can do this work and the work found me. If you know of anyone looking – send them my way! I can definitely take on more transcription work and get rid of the other smaller jobs. 🙂 I have references now! 🙂

The best part of this week was that, although I was busy, I was able to find more time to just be. Just be with Z and play more. More time to be present. I’ve missed that the past few weeks while I was learning new aspects of my direct sales job and setting files up (trying to get super organized, because I can not work any other way). I’ve reached a point where I am organized and just adding to my knowledge. This is a good feeling for me. I like having the option to just sit and read or play when asked. I heard “mommy, stop working!” way too many times in the past few weeks – broke my heart.

So onward and upward! We thought we had someone ready to take over the lease on our second vehicle, but our lease holder was being difficult (seriously – every time I called, I got a different answer, “No, we haven’t received an application”, “Yes, we received one, but it’s not readable”, “No, we don’t show that we’ve talked to you at all about this” and so on) and the applicant backed out, very sweetly, saying it was just too much of a hassle. She faxed the application multiple times, emailed it multiple times and then gave up. I don’t blame her. I ended up calling the lease holder, speaking with a manager and expressing my frustrations. She was nice and said she was sorry that it was so difficult. Less than two hours later, I get a phone call from the lease holder, stating that they wanted to call and follow-up with me about MY application to transfer the lease into my name. I beg your pardon? I don’t have an application in to transfer OUR OWN LEASE INTO MY OWN NAME! I very firmly told this rep that very phrase and said that I wasn’t sure what was going on with their company, but they should really figure it out because they had cost me a lease applicant and were now so confused that they were calling the actual person who had the lease and asking them if they wanted to apply to transfer the lease. “Why yes, I would like to apply to transfer the lease – INTO SOMEONE ELSE’S NAME. What’s your name? Let’s transfer the lease into your name. If you don’t qualify, give me another employee’s name”. Oops, not Christ-like. Which is why I didn’t say that. Poor thing could sense my frustration and then she was even more confused (probably because she realized she was calling the person who was ON THE ACCOUNT) and ended up abruptly ending the call, without barely saying “bye”.

Did anything else major happen? Oh, I skinned a duck.


Yup – I did. Why? Well, we were gifted two mallard ducks. Wrapped. I thawed one and when I unwrapped it, I realized that there was still some hair on it. And quite a bit of hair on the legs and bits of the actual feet were attached. I grabbed a knife and got to work skinning my first duck. Turned out pretty good (other than I cooked it a “hair” too long – hehehe).

Oh, and we got “new-to-us” furniture – a kitchen table and 7 chairs!


A friend’s neighbor had it out by the road, for trash! So my husband went and picked it up. There is a slight crack on the top of the table in one corner, but definitely not worth throwing away. Three of the chairs need re-upholstered something terrible, but hey, we’re handy like that in this household. We can do that ourselves! Hello Pinterest! 🙂

This is the newest kitchen furniture we’ve had. Our first dining set was a glass top round table with 4 chairs (that almost rocked when you sat in them?). We got that from my oldest brother-in-law. Then a few years later we bought a solid “classic” (wish I had a picture) table off Craigslist for $10. We stripped it, sanded it and varnished it black. Bought some IKEA chairs for about $10 each (4 of them) and the seat cushions to go on top (I think, maybe $5 each?) and voilà! That was our dining room set for the last, oh, 8 or more years. Now we have this one! I’ll post a picture when we re-do the chairs. 🙂

I think that about covers my week…Tomorrow we are hosting some friends for a non-formal Easter get-together. Complete with hamburgers and hot dogs. Very non-traditional, but budget friendly and kid friendly. Every one is chipping in and bringing something and I’m so very much looking forward to hosting! I love hosting and don’t get to do it often, so when we do, I enjoy it thoroughly! (How much I obsess about the house and the food is beside the point.)

Everyone – have a wonderful Easter and remember His blood was shed for you! (See, mostly non-religious!) 🙂

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