Baking, Cooking, Working, Mothering, Wife-ing – Doing it all


Ok – what have I been up to? Well, I’ve been baking (folks, make the Butterfinger Cheesecake – you will NOT regret it!), cooking, laundry (for us and others), babysitting, voting, cleaning, entertaining guests (ok, my parents – but that’s the best kind of guests to have!!!), working online, working offline, working on my phone (I now have so many notifications every time I look at my phone that I feel like I’m back at the foreclosure law firm I worked at, prior to being a SAHM- where I would have anywhere from 100-200 emails a day!) and handling everything else that comes my way. But I know this is only a season. And I am bringing it all on myself, honestly. I am determined to get out of debt as fast as possible and I am taking every opportunity that the good Lord places in front of me.

The newest venture (I still can’t talk about it on here, but their measuring cup is what the brown sugar is in – in the picture above? ;)) has been a whirlwind. I’ve booked so many shows in just the 1.5 weeks that I’ve been a part of the team. How many shows? Well, 8 official shows and I know of one more for sure (she’s booking off another show). The first 8 booked all within the first week of my signing up! So I’m praying that takes off and I can back down on the other side-jobs that consume so much of my time for so little pay. If this newest job doesn’t take off like it seems to be? Then I’ll take it as a sign from the Lord to just chalk it up as a lesson learned. In the meantime, I’m pursuing it with all I have. I was raised that way and that’s how I will continue. I believe the opportunity was presented to me from the Lord so I am giving it my all. I have a great support team!

Other than that newest venture, all my other ventures are still chugging along. I am weary at times and exhausted, but I know that I can do this. I am not the only exhausted person out there, right? 😉 The good news is that when I go to bed at night? I have NO problems sleeping, lol! I sleep, usually, right up until my alarm goes off. Then it’s back up and right back at it. Bright and early.

The other BEST news, is that the weather seems to be breaking and it’s GORGEOUS. I’m talking it’s WARMING up!!! Thank you JESUS. This girl needs the warmth! I need it so bad. I sat outside (while I was taking my dog out – multi-tasking here folks – always multi-tasking) and just closed my eyes and let the sun shine on my face. I breathed a prayer of thanks to the Lord and smiled. Then the dog tugged the leash, so the moment was over, but I had my moment. 🙂

Carry on, weary mom-soldier! Remember: IT’S JUST A SEASON! Kiss the child(ren) a few extra times each day, smell their hair and embrace every hug for all it’s worth. If you’re doing what I’m doing, remember why you’re doing it. REMEMBER THE GOAL!!!!! It’s all worth it – I promise!

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