How to be a Millionaire in 8 Easy Steps


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Are you ready for this? Do you have your reading glasses on, if needed? Just recently, I read (or heard..I can’t remember if I read this online, or heard it on the news/radio – either way, it’s got to be legit) the secret to the average millionaire. I am going to share that secret with you all. Why? Well, because I just recently went one step further than what’s needed to be a millionaire.

So what’s the secret? I like you guys and want you to prosper as well, so that’s why I want to share it with you! Here it is…the average millionaire has EIGHT businesses. Eight! Now, you may think you can’t do it, but guess what? You can!!!! I’m doing it, folks! It can be challenging, yes. It’s not easy. It doesn’t leave a lot of time for “leisure” activities. BUT 8 businesses can be done – I know this, because I currently have NINE!

So what are my MAIN businesses? Here they are;

  1. Babysitting
  2. Animal-sitting
  3. Freelance work (I do some online work for a few clients – just spreadsheets, transcription work, etc – nothing steady enough to be full-time or even really part-time by itself)
  4. Baking/cooking for profit
  5. Blogging
  6. Laundry for profit
  7. Amazon Mturk
  8. Swagbucks
  9. For legal reasons (don’t ask me why I can mention it on my FB page, but not on here, but that’s the rule!), I can’t listen the 9th business, but if you follow my blog on Facebook, you’ll know what I’m talking about 😉

Now, I just started the 9th business last week, but I fully expect to be a millionaire by the week’s end. Ok, maybe within a month, tops. I mean, when I heard this whole “the average millionaire has 8 businesses” thing, they never referenced how long it took to become a millionaire. So I would think it can’t take too long, since I now have 9 businesses going. Otherwise, they would’ve mentioned it.

There you have it – how to be a millionaire in 8 easy steps – just establish 8 different businesses. It’s not that hard, honestly. Ok, it’s not THAT easy either. I am up long before the rooster crows, I work, work, work all day long, and by the time my son is in bed for the night, I’m sometimes so exhausted that I can barely function like a normal human being for my poor husband. However, I fully believe all this hard work will pay off. There’s a goal to all this madness.

What is the goal? Being debt-free, baby! All this extra money is being literally THROWN at our debt and I’m watching those numbers go down monthly. It’s a great feeling.

Plus, I’ll be a millionaire shortly and debt won’t be an issue. My husband won’t have to work and we can do whatever we want. I’ll be on a beach, forever. Like, always. OK, not really. Sand has a tendency to stick in places I don’t like. BUT I will be pool-side as much as possible. You know, when I’m a millionaire in a few weeks. 😉

Keep up the good fight, people. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. And you’re not the only one struggling, whether it’s just to make ends meet, to make more money, to get out of debt or a combination of all three – we’re out here too! 🙂

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