Another Milestone


Well, we did it. We changed our son’s crib into a toddler bed a few days ago. He was so very excited about it too. Why did we? He’s not even 2.5 years old yet, BUT he’s been climbing out of the crib every night for the past week. We’ll put him to bed and by the time we’re out of the hallway, he’s already at his door, as quiet as a mouse. Little ninja! Yes, we have worked with him on not getting out of the crib. We definitely weren’t just sitting idly by and allowing him to do what he wants. However, we also realize that if he’s climbing out of the crib, maybe it’s time to think about a “big boy” bed (or at least transition the crib into a toddler bed).

So we started talking to Z about it on Saturday and he was very excited about the thought of having a big boy bed. Sunday afternoon, after his last nap in a crib, we got to work removing the front of the crib and setting his bed up to be a “big boy” bed. We had bought a bed rail. It would have been $33, brand new with a coupon! Yikes! Well, I posted on the 20-some different buy/sell/trade sites on FB that I’m a member of (don’t judge me – these sites are money-savers!), that I was looking for a mesh bed rail. Well, I had a woman contact me and show me that she had the exact one we were looking at – for $10!!! I went and picked that thing up, baby! Saved me $23!

Z was just so excited. He “helped” daddy with the screws and the screwdriver. He bounced on his mattress when it was on the floor. He did flips. He was laughing and having a grand old-time. You could tell that he was quite excited about it.

I had mixed emotions. This is my baby. My firstborn. I remember first placing him in that crib at 6 weeks and seeing how incredibly tiny he looked (um, he really was – he was only a little over 7 lbs at 6 weeks!). I remember how much he’s loved that crib. He has always been a great sleeper and never been one to scream about being in his crib. If he woke up early, he’d sit in there, contently, until mommy or daddy came and got him. When we put him to bed, if he wasn’t quite ready to sleep, he’d just roll around and talk to himself until he fell asleep.

So what is the big difference now that just one side is missing, Mandy? It’s still the same bed! Yes…except NOW he can EASILY get out!!!! I mean, he was still getting out quite easily when it was a crib. But I felt that he thought twice about it. Because he couldn’t get back in. So if he got out, he would have to think about any possible consequences, because he wouldn’t be able to get back in the crib without mommy and daddy. Now, he can run amok in his room. OK, ok, he can’t really. I mean, we’d hear him…I assume.

And he did great Sunday night – he settled right in. So very proud to be in his big boy bed. He didn’t get out of bed once. He just laid there and fell asleep. I put him down for a nap Monday and he started to get up (I am still using a monitor, hehe), so I told him to lay back down and he did! Of course, that was the “honeymoon” phase..the nap on Tuesday was rough – I had to put him back in bed like 3 times. Not cool…but it’s a learning process. He’s also waking up and coming out IMMEDIATELY in the morning, whereas before, he’d lie in bed and slowly wake up, waiting for us to come and get him. The past two mornings? It’s been between 6:30 and 6:40 am. Not cool. This morning I made him lay down on the couch until 7 am and he was totally fine doing that. Hopefully the newness wears off soon and he’ll be content to just lay in his bed until later than 7 am. 🙂

I must say – it’s easier to put him to bed without a railing to lean over. I can lean right in and snuggle his sweet face and plant as many kisses as I want without a crib railing pushing on my stomach and making my stomach scream at me.

I see him growing up and I want to cry. I want to cry out of sadness and pride at the same time. This little baby that I JUST gave birth to, is already becoming a little man. He’s studious and silly. He’s happy and serious. He’s observant and oblivious. He’s a lover and strong-willed. He’s everything I could have ever imagined in a son and SO MUCH MORE.

Am I sad about the bed? No, I’m a little sad that he’s growing up, but I’m proud that he is. I’m proud he’s my son. I’m thankful that God chose me to be his mommy. He’s an amazing little man and I pray, daily, that I bring as much joy into his life as he brings into mine!

I also pray that he sleeps in sometime soon…but the kid has a built-in alarm clock it would seem. Hmmm……He gets that from his mother, sigh…..

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