Boot Cuffs – I did it!


I did it!!!! Remember that sweater a few posts back – where I removed the turtleneck? Well, I took the turtleneck portion and was able to make a pair of boot cuffs! It was fairly simple too. I did it the long way – hand sewing. I would’ve pulled out the sewing machine, but then the boys would’ve been all over it and it would’ve actually taken a lot longer, so I just pulled out my sewing kit and stitched them up on my kitchen counter. 🙂 All while the boys ran around playing (I did this a few days ago).

I started off with one piece of material – the turtleneck.


I then cut it in two equal halves;


Now, I looked at these two halves and prayed a little. You see, I have, um, well… “athletic” calves. My calves have always been muscular. It doesn’t matter how much I run or do yoga/Pilates/stretch. My calves only get so lean. And it’s not very lean. They can be toned, yes. But they aren’t tiny. Neither are my thighs. My grandfather once told me that I was built to be a runner and soccer player with my legs and I believe him about the running part. Soccer? Not so much – that is way too much running and jotting and jetting and sweating. I tried it once, playing soccer on a team. I didn’t like it. No thanks – too much running for a purpose other than my pace, lol!

ANYWAY – back on subject, I was worried, but I carried on. I was determined to finish the project. Figured if they didn’t fit me, I’d give them to someone who could wear them (as long as the cuffe weren’t botched). So after I cut them into two halves,I left them inside out and I got to hand-sewing them.


I finished and was quite proud of myself. I did it! I successfully took a turtleneck sweater;


and turned it into this:


and this:


And guess what? They fit my athletic calves!!!!! Thank God for His mercies! (Ok, and for the stretchy material! Hehe)

Next time I wear boots with the cuffs, I’ll take a pic and post it. 🙂

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