Baking Bacon (Because I Don’t Like Dying by Grease Splatter)


OK  – let me tell you something else about me. I don’t use bacon. Ever. I mean, I can count on one hand (pretty much) how many times I have bought bacon since I’ve been married. Why? Well, I don’t mind the taste. It’s good. And the smell is amazing, especially the brown sugar bacon. BUT there are several things about bacon I DO NOT like.

I don’t like the grease splattering.

I don’t like the smell of grease.

I don’t like that the house smells of grease for HOURS.

I don’t like that I smell like grease for HOURS.

So I don’t use bacon. I don’t buy it and I don’t use it in recipes. However, my husband received a meat platter. I use that term lightly, because it was more like a “bundle” – think high-end steaks, chicken, pork chops, roast, big chunk of Amish butter (hilarious, I know) and bacon. Now, we threw all of it in the freezer for special occasion meals. I totally forgot about the bacon. So did my husband. Until this past week. OVER A YEAR after we received the meat. HA! That’s how often we even think about using bacon. I’m sure my husband would eat it more often, but I’m just not about it.

My husband thawed half of it and used it in some bean and ham soup (yes, the house smelled like grease and I swore I did too, but he said we didn’t). It was delicious. I can admit that much. Our son wasn’t a fan of it though. Not that I blame him. He’s only ever seen bacon maybe once or twice in his life and that was only at someone else’s house.

Anyway, so I decided I would use the other half of it in some eggs. But I didn’t want to fry it. I refuse to be burned to near death by some dead hog. So I did some research. Obviously, I ended up on Pinterest. I decided that baking the bacon would be my best bet. I prayed that the house wouldn’t smell, but knew that was probably not going to happen. So I reviewed the easiest looking pin (you can see it here) and got to work.

First I laid out the bacon on tin foil, in a single layer. Easy.

I put them in the oven and THEN turned the oven on, at 400 degrees.

I left them in for about 12 minutes and took them out.


Not bad! Now, they were splattering in the oven, so it’s not like putting them in the oven removes any splattering (I was naïve in hoping that would be the case) BUT this does remove your chances of being burned alive in your own kitchen just by grease splattering from a hot pan.

I patted the bacon dry (removing as much grease as possible) with paper towels and then let them cool. Once they were cool, I cut them up into small pieces and we used them in scrambled eggs. Again, my son refused to eat the bacon. Eh, no biggie…either he is not a bacon fan or he just has to get used to it.

Also, I still smelled like grease for hours. So did our house. My husband refuses to agree with me on this, but I know what I know.

Thirdly – I no longer have any bacon in the house so I don’t have to worry about the “grease smell” dilemma for the unforeseen future. Win!

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