An afternoon to do what I want?


What a day! So it’s February 3, in Michigan and it was 52 degrees this morning (it’s 45 degrees currently, but still sunny and gorgeous!). So what did I do? I put my son and the boy I babysit in their jackets and shoes, into the stroller and away we went for a nice 2 mile walk! I felt like I should have been skipping the whole way – that’s how incredibly giddy I felt to be outside, in the morning, and not freezing. The boys were loving it too. Z was pointing out every basketball hoop and American flag he could see. When we were about a mile from home, I made a turn that would point us towards home (I was doing a large loop), and Z somehow remembered and said “I don’t want to go home!” What? How did he know that I was headed that way? I mean, it was still a mile away! This kid blows me away with his memory. I took one of the routes I normally take when I walked last year with the boys, and apparently, my son has not forgotten that route. The memory on this one….

Anyway, we had a great morning – got home and the boys were running around, invigorated by the fresh air. We had lunch and then some “calm down” time. Off to naps and I got all my computer work done in a matter of 30 minutes! (Well, combined with the work I did this morning before Z woke up.) So now I have the whole afternoon to do WHATEVER I want. I mean, to be fair, it’s until the boys wake up. AND it has to be limited to the house, mainly the living room, kitchen, bathroom and basement. BUT the point is – I have FREE TIME FOR ME TIME. I’m giddy, literally. What to do, what to do??? I could nap, if I wanted!! But I don’t want to spend my free time sleeping..I don’t think. Do I? Hmmm..maybe I do…

Hope everyone else is having a good Wednesday, because I’m off to enjoy my ME TIME!

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