TWO DOWN!!!!! The debt snowball has begun!


Yup – I just made the last payments on our two medical bills yesterday!!!! WOO HOO!!!! Two debts gone! This was all done AFTER my husband had to spend money ($225!!) on new brakes and rotors for his truck (he’s so handy, he replaced them himself – love that man), our son had two separate doc visits and an urgent care visit (all within a week and a half), plus two different prescriptions for our son. All of that was paid in cash! And no, we didn’t touch our emergency fund. Praise the Lord, this budget thing is working after all! Oh, and my husband is replacing a co-worker’s brakes tonight and getting paid for it.

Plus, I’m doing some research as to whether or not there’s a market for in-home laundry service. As in, would you drop your laundry off at a woman’s house and have her do it for you? She’d wash, dry and fold it for you? You pick it up, take it home and put it away? You choose if you want her to use your detergent or hers (homemade detergent, no softener). I was folding laundry today and it hit me. I hear so many women complain that laundry is one of the worst things for them. They hate to do it and it seems it’s never-ending. I don’t mind doing laundry. At all! So why not offer that to other women? AT A COST, of course. 😉 Who knows, maybe I’ll throw in some cookies for them when they pick up the laundry too. 🙂 A little incentive for them to refer me to others. Hmm…. What are your thoughts? Would that appeal to you? Drop the laundry off on your way to work or while you’re out running errands? If so, what would you be willing to pay for such a service?

I’m telling you, folks, I am determined and I have a goal – to pay off debt and to do it as fast as possible, using the resources the Lord has given me. I am domestic. I know how to clean, I know how to cook, I know how to bake and I know how to do laundry. I know how to care for children. I was raised the Amish way. It’s a little old-fashioned and I love it. I’m old school. I don’t need a fancy degree to make a few bucks (nothing wrong with being modern or having a degree!). I know how to work hard to make just a few dollars (hello….have you read any of my recent posts?). I’m not scared of hard work. I’m not scared of some dirty clothes. So, if you wouldn’t be interested in having some stranger/turned friendly person do your laundry, what would you be willing to pay a stranger to do (PG rated, folks!)? Because I’m telling you, I’ve explored just about every option I can think of, and I’m pretty sure it was the Lord throwing this laundry thing at me. I’m THIS close to going door to door in my condo association and asking folks if I can do their laundry…..but I don’t want to be that “weird” neighbor. Not yet anyway. I may get desperate enough. 🙂

2 thoughts on “TWO DOWN!!!!! The debt snowball has begun!

  1. Congrats on 2 debts paid off, Mandy!!!! That is awesome….yay, for the debt snowball!!!!!!! And as far as in-home laundry service—yes! I am not a fan of laundry and it is hard to keep up with it so if I worked outside the home I would definitely consider a service like that! I like the idea of adding some baked goodies as an extra…it might pay off in extra dollars as you build clientele. You could advertise for holiday baking like one of my sisters and make some money that way too. 🙂

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