Two months in…who wants to give me money? ;)


Confession – I made my husband take that picture. It was a re-take. I originally did that, in frustration. Then had my husband take a pic while I re-did the expression. Why? Because I am feeling frustrated. Oh yeah, I already said that..ok, so why the frustration? (And yes, that’s a few hairs sticking out in the front – my hair is almost always like that – sticking up/out..always has been, always will be. ;))

So we’re two months in on the whole strict budget thing…and it’s actually going well. We’ve been sticking to the budget and I’m not stressed when it comes to money. Our bills are all paid on time (they were, before, as well..but then we were living paycheck to paycheck) with room to spare. Why? Because we are adhering to the budget STRICTLY. It’s not always fun though. Not the budget part – I enjoy that. Why? Because I love numbers and I love to see that money is in the bank, in our envelopes and going towards debt. I see the end game.

So what’s my frustration? It comes down to the fact that every spare moment, it seems, is spent on surveys and any work I can find that will bring in money. Then, just when I think I have a spare minute to just relax, I realize I forgot to do something (whether it’s a household chore, or a money-work-related chore) and off I go. However, the frustration is (sometimes) short-lived, because I am focused on the long-term. This is not forever. This is all being done so that we can get out of debt finally be FREE! To where I can just relax when possible and not constantly be searching for ways to make money. It’ll come, I know it will….in the meantime, I will keep on working. I know I can handle this and God has given me the skills to do this. It’s tiresome and frustrating. It’s time-consuming and exhausting. But you know what? We got ourselves into this mess and we’ll get ourselves out. With dedication and perseverance, we will do this!

But seriously, if you have money lying around you don’t need, I’ll take it….I could use some downtime…I’m tired.

2 thoughts on “Two months in…who wants to give me money? ;)

  1. Been there, done that!!! ๐Ÿ™
    I can, from experience tell you that, ‘this too shall pass”! ๐Ÿ™‚
    It’s not easy & it’s not fun but hang in there, it will get better! ๐Ÿ™‚

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