I know – I’ve been MIA the last few weeks…but hear me out!

Ok, so I’ve been missing the last few weeks. I mean, I’ve popped in here and there (and on Facebook), but by and large, I haven’t really been on here as much as usual. Why? Well, there’s the given – it was Christmas and New Years and we were in Ohio/PA with family for almost 8 straight days. It was supposed to be 9, but then our sweet boy came down with a terrible flu/cold/upper respiratory junk illness thing-a-ma-bob. So we rushed home a day early, on New Years Eve. We spent New Years Eve through January 3 basically sitting in our living room, just snuggling our very sick boy (read more about that here). He was put on amoxicillin, and I thought all our problems were over. The little boy I babysit came down with a nasty bug and was out sick all but one day last week and even yesterday…

Anyway, last Friday, Z started getting a rash so I took him to the doc and turns out, he was having an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin. It took him taking it for a whole week for his body to react to it. But boy, did he react to it. By Saturday morning, his entire body was covered in it – making him look like this:


My poor baby! That wasn’t even the worst of it – it somehow got worse but then miraculously (well, it WAS Jesus, so yes, a miracle), it started clearing up Saturday afternoon. It started clearing up from his head and worked its way down his body and by yesterday morning, it was all cleared up. I was so relieved, because I had a mom say her son’s ankles and wrists swelled up so bad from the reaction that she had to take him to the ER twice and be placed on steroids!! Thank you, Lord, that didn’t happen to Z. Now we’re just left with a dry cough. Bothersome, but peanuts compared to what this little boy has been dealing with since the first of the year! To his credit, he didn’t seem very bothered by the rash. We made it a point to not talk or draw attention to the rash and he only complained about 3-4 times about being itchy. As soon as he did, we’d divert his attention and he’d forget all about it.

Yesterday I made a yummy-looking strawberry cheesecake. I didn’t get to taste it and I was a mo-ron and forgot to take a picture. I even made the strawberry sauce that went INTO the cheesecake from scratch, using fresh strawberries!  Seriously, hitting myself in the forehead with my palm. My husband’s boss requested it, so I made it, covered it and froze it (per her request). Then my husband left this morning with it and I wanted to smack myself. I even went so far as to text my husband and say (losing all professional decorum) “Could you ask **** to take a pic of the cheesecake, if she thinks of it, since I forgot? I’d like to include the recipe on my blog, but don’t have a picture and that would really help.” Of course, my husband took awhile to answer, so I also had several other texts I sent before he ever responded and he never acknowledged that text about the cheesecake picture. Maybe I should text him again….hmm… I mean, it’s KIND OF important, right? I can’t upload a recipe without a picture. Personally, I rarely even look at recipes if there’s no picture (unless it’s in the family cookbooks I have :)).

Oh well…maybe I just have to make another one for me, I mean us. 😉

Other than that little snafu, what else? Well, I went outside my comfort zone and went to MOPS last night. Wait – not that I went (because I so look forward to going and have been faithfully going!), but HOW I went. I haven’t washed my hair since Saturday (I’ve been showering daily, however, thank you very much), so I threw on a little hat (not baseball), my contacts were bothering me, so I put on my glasses AND the biggest thing of all – I didn’t wear a single trace of makeup. Not one bit. I went in glasses, with non-washed hair up in a funky wanna-be-ponytail/messy-bun and no makeup. Do you know what the first thing someone said to me was? “You look so cute!” WHAT? I thought of arguing back about all the ways I couldn’t possibly look cute, but I just smiled and told her “thank you”. The night went on, I learned some inspirational ideas about organizing the home AND because I happen to have a pair of my son’s (clean) underwear in my purse, I won two different contests. Thanks, Z! We won’t mention that the underwear have been in there since we first potty trained him, back at the beginning of July of 2015. So, um, yeah – 6 months? And it’s not a big purse – it’s an over-the-shoulder small purse. Still…oh, and the underwear mixed with a VERY old cell phone battery won one of the contests. Don’t ask. Ok, I’ll tell you – my brother-in-law gave Z a very old cellphone to play with. Like easily 10+ years old. We glued the case on in the back so Z couldn’t take it apart. Well, he dropped (or threw, I don’t remember, honestly) it in the truck one day, and it broke apart. I tossed the battery into my purse to put everything back together at home. Forgot the battery was in my purse when we put the phone back together, so….the battery was discovered last night when we were told to go through our purses and see what the weirdest thing was that we could find. I’ll be honest, in a room full of at least 40 women, how was a pair of boys underwear and a very old cell phone battery the weirdest? I mean, that isn’t even my big purse!!! Heavens to Betsy – if I went through that now, I wonder what I’d find? I haven’t used it since the first week were potty training, so I bet the portable potty seat is still in there. HA!

Anyway, now I’m rambling – this is what happens when I’m not on here as often as I would like to be. I ramble on and on about things that no one cares about. As if you all are my journal (let’s not even talk about when the last time was that I wrote in there – yikes…).

Here’s to everyone being more healthy from here on out – from what I hear, it’s not been the greatest first two weeks of 2016 for many people, health-wise!

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