Still trying to get back to “normal”


I think we’re finally getting back to “normal” around here! My son has a little cough left, but thankfully, no more runny nose or the puffy eyes. What a relief, folks! It was a long past couple days. So very long. I have never seen my son so sick and I never want to see him that sick again. He was so lethargic and so very out of it. Not like the son I know at all. My sweet little Z has so much energy (SOOO much energy!) and while he has his moments, he is one of the sweetest hearts I know. When he was sick? We had 4 straight days (Thursday – Sunday) where he did nothing, but sit in my lap. There were so many tears shed, both from Z and myself. My poor husband – what a pillar of strength he was. I don’t know what I would’ve done without him. He was cleaning up after Z and I, making meals, washing dishes, you name it. All without a complaint. He also didn’t get to snuggle our boy at all. Z wouldn’t have it. At times he was downright MEAN to daddy at times. It hurt my heart so much to hear him treat his daddy – his favorite person, other than me – like that. He just wanted mommy, and my husband would just let him sit with me. My husband wanted to help me out, by holding Z and giving me some moments of rest, but Z wouldn’t allow it. At one point, my husband was trying to get Z to take medicine or eat or something, I can’t remember…but Z was saying “no, daddy, no!” and being especially mean. I started crying, out of frustration and mostly because it really hurt to see how Z was responding to his daddy. My husband told Z, so very softly, “Do you see mommy? She’s crying, buddy.” Z turned, in my lap, to look at me. He looked at me, through his swollen eyes, crying and said “Mommy?” I looked back at him, still crying, and said “Mommy is crying because you’re being mean to daddy and that hurts my heart”. Wouldn’t you know it – Z crawled right down off my lap and into daddy’s lap! He stopped crying and snuggled with daddy for a few, calmed down, then crawled back into my lap (I’ll take that, folks!). I fully believe God gave me that little glimpse of our little man, pre-sickness, to show me that this attitude and moment was temporary. Z’s disposition was just because of his body aching. And we got through it. It was a rough 5 days, but we did it.

And now that we’re back to “normal”, it means I have to reinforce all the former rules. Like no TV all day long, even though that was allowed when Z was sick….or no eating-whatever-you-feel-like, even though that was the revised rule when you were sick (it was basically, you want skittles? You get them. You want ice cream? You got it… animal crackers? Yup! Strawberries? Of course (please eat these – they’re actually good for you)! Whatever would get him to actually eat, I gave it to him!). And then there’s the whole you-don’t-get-to-talk-to-mommy-meanly-even-though-you-may-have-gotten-away-with-it-a-little-when-you-were-sick thing. But, thankfully, those habits aren’t too hard to break in our child. Since he’s a stickler for knowing boundaries, you just have to reset those boundaries and we’re good to go. Does he test them? Yes. 🙂 He is a “normal” child.

We also did some “emergency” grocery shopping last night, since we weren’t really able to since we got back from Christmas. We just ran and grabbed a few things (again, stayed within the budget and had a few dollars left over – I’m LOVING the freedom that comes with using cash, folks!) and I’m so glad we did. Meat wasn’t on the list, but since we were at Kroger, I thought I’d wander through the meat section, just to see if there were any good deals. And were there ever! Look what I got!


Originally $2.99 a lb and marked down to $0.99 a lb! I was able to cut this into 5 sections (4 smaller boneless portions and 1 larger section, with the bone) and freeze individually for later meals.


Then there was this spiral cut bone-in ham…but wait..


That’s right – marked down from $2.99 a lb to roughly $0.76 a lb!!!! I was able to cut this into 4 sections (3 smaller boneless sections and 1 large section, with the bone) and freeze, individually, for later meals. So I have 9 dinners (serving at least 3 every time) for $12.24! Wait, there will be leftovers from all of them I’m sure, so you can at least double 9 dinners and at least 9 lunches! Woo-hoo!!! I love a good deal!

I finished mending the quilt I started on Monday;


I caught up on the budget and bills (thankfully, I prepped the 2016 Budget in December – thank the Lord!), and am all caught up on the laundry and cleaning. I just have to work on the menu for this month, but I’ve been cheating and going off the menu from December, so far. 😉

I also took care of some phone calls that needed to be done. I dislike chatting on the phone (you can’t really multi-task when you do that, and I love multi-tasking), but especially dislike it when it’s with an insurance company and medical billing company. My doc’s office’s billing company (inconveniently in Texas, but the woman I talk to has a sweet southern drawl, so that kind of makes up for it), has been having one heck of a time getting any of our office visits paid by insurance since October of 2014. Yes, that long ago. And we’ve been through several insurances since then (including Z and I being on our own insurance, which was super fun – not), so I have all this paperwork and stuff to keep straight. Well, turns out that the billing company was submitting everything incorrectly. Then they were submitting them to the wrong insurance company. THEN they were submitting to the right company, but submitting the claims incorrectly, AGAIN. It’s been going on for so long that I feel I probably qualify to work for the billing company, because I really do know that much about how to do their job. 😉 Just kidding. But I do know an awful lot about insurance, billing and claims. However, today’s call seems to have cleared it up. SEEMS to have cleared it up. They’ve assured me of this before and then I get a bill in a few weeks for an atrocious amount, and the cycle starts all over. But I have faith in them, this time. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

So New Years Resolutions – anyone? I didn’t make any. I have goals – to grow in the my walk with the Lord, to encourage my husband’s walk with the Lord, to help our son grow towards the Lord. Also, to continue with our financial goals. It’s so freeing to not stress every single week about how to pay the bills. Since we switched to using cash and leaving everything else in the bank? I don’t stress!! Why? Because there’s always money there! Clearly, the budget helps with that. 😉 We’re steadily working our way up folks. We have had setbacks (taking our son to Urgent Care will have a nice bill), but it doesn’t matter. We’re prepared now! So here’s to an amazing 2016, to loving the Lord and showing that love to those around us!

2 thoughts on “Still trying to get back to “normal”

  1. Glad to hear Z is feeling better! At least one (sometimes 2, sometimes all 3) of my kids have been sick non-stop since Thanksgiving and all of them continuously since Christmas. Ick! It’s awful when they get sick and you can’t seem to pull out of the vicious cycle!
    I prefer goals over resolutions as well…of course, growing in our walk with the Lord, meeting with a lawyer to discuss doing a will and some financial goals…we are looking to buy our first home this fall!

    1. Praying the kiddos are able to break out of the sickness soon!! No fun at all!
      Buying a house sounds exciting!!!! 🙂 Praying for wisdom in your decisions 🙂

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