Starting off the New Year….with lots of tears


So, we ended up coming home a day early because our sweet little man was so incredibly sick. In fact, sicker than he’s ever been in his precious 2 years. We packed up in about 40 minutes from my in-laws and got on the road New Years Eve and got home around 4:30 pm. I spent most of the drive in the backseat, next to Z. He was so lethargic and only slept about 30 minutes of the 3 hour drive, despite the drive being right smack dab during his nap time AND his being sick. We spent the evening with Z snuggled in my lap, as he refused to be more than well, he refused to be separated from me. He had to be touching me at all times. We finally got him settled into bed around 8:30 pm, if my memory serves me right. And it could be wrong, because the last few days are a blur.

I was in bed by 10 pm on New Years Eve. I woke up around 6 am New Years Day (Happy New Year!), and quickly showered and got ready for the day, putting some final things away from our trip. My husband was amazing and put most of our things away while I snuggled with Z the night before. Z woke up around 7 am and looked AWFUL. His eyes were puffy and snot was dried to his face. He was half-crying the entire morning and didn’t want to eat or drink. We made the decision to take him to Urgent Care when he complained about his ears hurting (our pediatrician wasn’t open or we would’ve gone there). I was praying his ears were hurting simply from a sore throat and swallowing, but wanted to rule out an ear infection, something our son has never had. We went to Urgent Care and strep and an ear infection were ruled out, but the doc said Z’s tonsils were swollen and red, and his ears were slightly red. He gave us a prescription to help Z and we left to fill the prescription and get some ice cream. I will say, tears were shed by Z AND me at Urgent Care. When  your child is crying and saying “I’m all done, mommy. I’m all better”, just so the doc doesn’t touch him? Yeah, it breaks your mommy heart. I felt bad for my husband, because I’m sure it didn’t help the situation when his son is crying, then his wife starts crying. Sigh….

Last night wasn’t much better.


This was me, in the crib with my precious son. I just wanted him to calm down and sleep and this was what worked. He would calm down INSTANTLY when I crawled in the crib with him. The second I got out? Instant screaming. Which worried me, since I knew his throat was raw. But I was finally able to sneak out, after about 30-45 minutes of snuggling him.


Then this was my husband – from 11:30 pm – 3:30 am. Holding our sweet boy’s hand through the rails of the crib, just to keep him calm (I didn’t know about the 11:30-3:30 stint until this morning). Then at 5:30 am, our son woke up and starting crying “Daddy! I need my daddy!” and my husband jumped out of bed so fast and ran in the room. I saw him reach through the slats and lay down on the floor. After about 30 minutes, I took my husband his pillow and a blanket. My amazing husband stayed in there, with Z, until 8:45 am. The things we do for our children.

Z woke up this morning with eyes almost crusted over, and still really swollen. His mouth was crusted over with dried snot (or dried tears, I have no idea) and he was miserable. It took a little over an hour, and LOTS of prayer (and some more tears from mommy), before he took his medicine. He did finally drink some water and milk. We were able to get him to eat some food as well. I’m basically giving him whatever he wants to eat. At this point, anything is something. Skittles? SURE! Ice cream? ABSOLUTELY!!!! Popcorn? Why not? If he wants to eat it, he’s getting it. I don’t care. We tried soda, but he immediately handed it back with “I don’t like it”. HA! The whole only-giving-our-child-milk-and-water bit is backfiring on us now, lol! Oh well, he’s had some water and milk today, so I’m taking it!

I love this child and will be happy if he’s never sick like this again. He’s pretty close to ensuring he’s an only child, simply because I never want to go through this again!!!!!!!

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