I applaud moms-of-multiples!


This was me, yesterday (babies turned into a gingerbread man and Christmas tree to preserve their cute little identities ;)).. Gingerbread Man’s mommy stopped in on her lunch break to feed him and walked in on this scene. My son is up on the ottoman, in a Bumbo (used by Christmas Tree – he loves sitting up like a big boy!), while I feed Christmas Tree and hold/soothe Gingerbread Man. J, the toddler I always babysit, had just gone down for a nap, but my son lucked out and his nap time was set aside for a few. Christmas Tree woke up at the same time that Gingerbread Man decided he did not want to be put down. Christmas Tree would only be calmed if he was fed, so this was the solution – feed CT while he’s in the seat and hold GM (slightly bouncing him in my arms too). This wasn’t the only hectic moment in my day. Later, in the afternoon, both babies woke up and wanted to be held. So I maneuvered it and walked around my house, with two babies, for a good 10 minutes. CT’s mom came to pick him up just as he calmed down and I was able to place him in the seat. I have to say – I do not know how mom’s with multiples do it! My grandmother (my mom’s mom) had TWO sets of twins. TWO!!!! How did she do it????? WHAT? And all the women who have more than two children at once? I mean, it’s hard and I only have these sweet babies during the day – there aren’t any nights involved. Whole new level of respect for you mommies of multiples out there! 🙂

Today will be the last day with all four children. GM’s last day with me is today and then CT’s last day with me is Friday. Monday we go back to just my son and J. BUT my day’s will not be any simpler. I have baking orders coming in and so I’ll be baking all weekend and into next Tuesday. It’s all extra money for this debt repayment though so I’ll do it and do it with all my might. God is providing a way and I am taking it!

What does today hold? Hopefully a few less moments of simultaneous baby-crying moments, but even if it does happen, I know how to handle it, lol!

Happy Wednesday!

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