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Yup – that’s me. That’s what you do when you’ve been sitting on the couch, with the laptop (unplugged) all afternoon and you get the notification that the battery is dying and you need to plug it in. BUT you aren’t done working, so you head to the desk, plug it in and find the nearest “chair”. Which happens to be your son’s tractor. Clearly, this tractor was made back in the good old days when a toy was meant to hold up for more than one child. Not like toys today, right? I mean, it seems the riding toys made today last about a year or so and then you’re having to toss them and buy new ones. The story behind this tractor? It belonged to my husband’s younger cousin (who, incidentally, is graduating college as I’m typing this!) when he was but a wee thing. Last summer, my in-laws sent it home with us because Z was loving it. And he still does. He rides this thing around our house, our back patio and all around our neighborhood. Why not add “mommy uses it for a chair” to the list? 😉 So this amazing Little Tykes tractor has lasted roughly 20+ years. They really don’t  make them like they used to!

Anyway, so what was I working on? Well, I’m hustling folks. I’m doing Swagbucks and now working on Amazon with MTurk. It’s tedious work, and it means I’m on the computer every morning (before Z wakes up) and all afternoon during nap time and sometimes even in the evening when he goes to bed. Do I make a lot of money? No. Do I make some money? Yes. Why do I do it? Because it’s extra money that will go towards debt. I’ve made $50 off of Swagbucks so far (and yes, the money has been deposited in my bank account, using Paypal, so it’s legit!), in about 3 weeks and I’m up to a little over $18 with Amazon in 4 days. So I won’t get rich, but I will make a little extra every month doing this. I have a goal of trying to make at least $5-7 a day between the two sites, but I’m trying to have grace with myself, in that if it doesn’t happen, I can’t freak out. This isn’t money that our budget depends on, so it’s all extra. But I’m also the type that when I start to see the amount that I could POSSIBLY make, I want to try to make that amount every day and if I don’t hit my mark (aka, yesterday was one of those days), I get disappointed and frustrated.

So I was working on both those sites and my computer was dying – I needed to keep working, so I plugged it in at the desk, pulled up the tractor and kept working. Innovation, folks! 🙂

This week will be a SUPER busy one for me. Not sure I’ll be able to do much work during “nap time” as I really won’t see much “nap time”. Why? Well, on top of my normal babysitting (the 2.5 year old boy), I will be babysitting a 4 month old boy full-time, Monday through Friday, and watching a 3 month old boy, full-time, Monday through Wednesday. Both infants are going to the same daycare (incidentally – and the parents go to church with us) and I know the daycare isn’t available for the 4 month old until January, so I am assuming it’s the same for the 3 month old. So I will be a mini-temporary-unofficial daycare this week. I warned my husband I may be exhausted every evening, especially Monday through Wednesday. 🙂 But I’m up to the challenge! I know God has given me the strength and talents to handle this. I also believe He’s provided this as a way to make up for the 7 days, at the end of the month, when my husband, son and I will be in Ohio/PA for Christmas and therefore, I will not be babysitting at all (aka, loss of income on my part).

I will take everyone’s prayers, however! I am not so silly that I think this week will be easy or a cake walk. I love kids and babies, but I know that 4 children at a time is a challenge. I know many women do it, so it’s not impossible, but it’s different for me. But I got this! 🙂

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