Today I was “Still”, Today I was Revived!


So, after I heard the term “be still” several times yesterday from several different sources, I took that as the Lord speaking to me. If you read yesterday’s post, you remember that I had a bit of a hard time Sunday night, right? Well, I’m doing better. 😉 Despite the fact that the toddler I babysit is home, sick, today. Which means one less day of pay this week. BUT God is in control and He already knew all this. So I took today by the horns and embraced my blessing of a life. My son and I enjoyed our precious, and almost non-existent, one-on-one time. We had a long craft session (complete with a crafting supply treasure hunt for mommy when clean-up time came around, since my son LOVES to take items to different parts of the house), we played “downstairs” (aka, the basement, which holds so much appeal to my son for some reason? There are toys down there, but they’re the same toys that are always down there), and then we did some baking – bread and gluten-free brownies. Basically? I’ve allowed my son to call the shots on what we do today. And it’s been fun.


I needed to clean up the house a little once the bread was baked and the brownies were in the oven. The crafting supplies were still scattered at this point, and I had laundry to fold and put away. Well, he wanted to wash his hands, “I do it myself, mommy”, so I turned the water to a little-more-than-a-trickle and let him have some fun with the water. Little did I know that this activity would occupy him for OVER AN HOUR! The only reason he stopped was because lunch time rolled around. He just played and played in the water (yes, I turned it off a few times, BUT our water bill is a part of our association dues, so I don’t have to worry about an increase in the water bill from this – YEA!). He didn’t spill any water either. Until daddy came home for lunch and I bragged that Z had been doing so well. I said “look – his shirt is even dry!”, at which point, Z promptly dumped a fair amount on his shirt. Thanks kid, appreciate that. 😉

Now he’s napping and I’m doing my “work”. I realized something, however. My whole morning was revolving around my son and BEING with him. Not rushing around (I did laundry, but eh) and focusing on stress, I was “still” when I was with him. And I left the morning feeling revived! Energized, even! This is a good thing. 🙂

My point in all of this is to say – I KNOW we don’t need money to make memories. I KNOW we don’t need money in order for Z to enjoy his childhood. I KNOW all this. Why? Well, first, because Z had a great morning (he was telling daddy everything we did, at lunch). But also, because I grew up relatively poor, and I never knew it! I only knew I had a pretty good, fun life! Because my parents made it that way. They didn’t sit around complaining about how awful it was that their money was tied up in bills. They just did what they had to and then were creative in giving us great memories for little to no money at all. I also KNOW we’re not the only ones with a super tight budget. I KNOW we’re not poverty level. We’re beyond blessed. We have a roof over our heads, plenty of clothes to wear, shoes on our feet (I have A LOT of shoes – my son, however, is growing out of his faster than we can buy them. COME ON! I may have to try to figure out how to make his shoes, hehehe), and food in our bellies. We made a rut for ourselves and we’re digging ourselves out. We refuse to be enslaved to debt anymore. We refuse to believe the lie that this is “normal”. We KNOW it’s not. So we are taking that first step and saying “ENOUGH! We have had it and we’re not going to take it anymore”. Because we made that choice, finances will be even tighter for a while. But I’m proud of us for doing it. I’m looking forward to the end result – that wonderful feeling of not having the debt hovering over us anymore!

In the meantime – I will build memories with my husband and son. We have so many opportunities available, opportunities that require $0.00. We’ll build those memories while we knock debt on its nasty, icky, ridiculous and enslaving butt. If anyone else wants to join us in this journey, and make a commitment to knock out debt, then let’s do it together! Let’s be a community to help and encourage one another. I’m here to listen (and possibly vent, from time to time – I am human!) and to encourage and support. Here’s to a more financially stable future!

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