Round and Round We Go :)


So I spent most of my day yesterday (“me time”, aka whenever child(ren) were sleeping), doing surveys and more research on growing the blog. SO MUCH RESEARCH. It’s honestly so incredibly overwhelming. I know, I know, I’ve said that before. But it’s true!!!!! There’s so much to do with a blog – it’s not easy work. I love doing it though, so that is why I am trying to actively pursue a form of income from the blog. It hasn’t happened, but I will persevere. Either going on and making money from the blog OR just continuing to do it for fun. Lucky you, you get to come along for the ride. πŸ™‚

On top of surveys and research yesterday, I also completed our updated budget. OK, it’s more like “our first budget”. Since the last one was mainly just my tracking our spending (which was super helpful) and the only things “budgeted” were the monthly bills – groceries, gas, and “discretionary” was all over the place. We have been spending so much more than we ever needed to. BUT NO LONGER! We’re taking control of our finances, folks! So yesterday I finalized the budget, had my husband review it, and then we agreed on it. We’re taking a rather aggressive form of debt repayment (using the debt snowball), so pray for us. According to the “plan” (because even we understand that not everything always goes according to OUR plans), we should be debt free in 3 years (this doesn’t include any possible extra income or income tax returns, etc). And want to know the first blessing that happened? We complete the budget and debt snowball plan last night and this morning? My husband gets to work and finds a Christmas bonus waiting for him! Now, it’s not much at all, but it’s something. Some people would just shrug that off and say it’s normal, because this is the season for bonuses. Maybe, but that’s not how I operate. For me, this was a straight up blessing from God. A way to encourage us in our goals and I am encouraged. Thank you, Jesus!

Second – I have to start doing more research when it comes to groceries. I have been way too lenient with what I buy when I grocery shop. So now, I only buy what I need in the coming week. Not what we could POSSIBLY use in the coming weeks. I have a strict budget for groceries (yes, we’re using the cash envelope system!) and I can’t go even a penny over anymore. So I am being diligent on researching where the best deals are. If anyone has any great apps for coupons or really any apps that assist in keeping the grocery bills low, let me know! I’m trying to save the most we can while still actually purchasing food. πŸ˜‰

Thirdly – this house has been battling cold germs all week. My husband, son and the boy I babysit have all been hacking and snotty. πŸ™ EWWWW… I’ve been praying I don’t get sick and taking Airborne (I know there are more natural products out there, but it’s what I have on hand, folks!) to try to fend off anything. So far, so good. Again, thank you, Jesus!

Hmmm, is that everything? I think so…I am sure I’m missing something and as soon as I sign off, I’ll remember. Oh well, I can use it in my next post. πŸ˜‰ Have a great weekend, folks! Only 2 more until Christmas!!! EEK!

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