What didn’t I do the past few days? The past week, really? Whew!


First off, that note right there is what my sweet husband wrote to me yesterday. We started writing notes back and forth to each other on this (dry-erase) frame about 2 weeks ago. Compliments of MOPS – they gave me the supplies and suggestion to do this with either my husband or my child. Since I liked the idea of writing little love notes back and forth with my husband, I decided on him! 🙂 Now, here’s where it may be stopping….For some reason, when I went to erase the above note this morning? It won’t erase…I even tried using my all-purpose cleaner, but that didn’t work either. Apparently the Lord believes I will need to look at that note for a while. 😉 I’m ok with it.


So, what all have I been doing the last few days? Well, I made a nice Thanksgiving meal for my husband, son and I on Thursday. I made homemade stuffing, homemade mashed potatoes, corn and cheesecake. My husband took a whole chicken, separated it into pieces (thigh, breast, leg) and grilled a thigh and a breast while I froze the remaining parts of the chicken for later meals (hello, frugality!). We still had plenty of food left over, which lasted us until Saturday. Gotta love that. 🙂


Our son helped daddy do some work on the truck this weekend. Ok, so the truck didn’t need any work done, but a friend came over to do some work on his vehicle, so while daddy did that, Z got busy “fixing” daddy’s truck. So cute. I love that Z is all about being where daddy is and diving right in. He’s all boy, that much is for sure. Well, he’s all boy, but he also loves to be in the kitchen with mommy (and daddy – daddy knows his way around cooking/grilling!), which makes this mommy happy. 🙂


Passenger Side

I also put our second vehicle and a second TV we no longer need (we got rid of cable – all part of trying to save money /pay down debt!) on about 17 FB garage/mom2mom sites and craigslist.com. PLUS the car has been listed on swapalease.com since June. I have had a few people contact me about the car, but no one has followed through. 🙁

On top of that, I’ve been scouring the internet daily for legitimate work from home jobs. The problem is that quite a few of them are call-based. Which is not really a workable job for me when I have a child(ren) running around. The job that I need would be one I can work when I’m able to, where I can set my own hours and not have to take calls at a certain time. I am continuing to search, because I feel that if there is one out there that fits the bill, the Lord will reveal that job to me!


AND I made a new bread this weekend – Italian! My husband’s friend sent him some peppers from Ohio on Saturday and my husband wanted Italian bread so bad. He wanted to run and grab some from the store, but I told him that I could just try to make it. So I first went to my Amish Cooking cookbook (you never know!) to see if they had a recipe for it, but they didn’t..so off to Pinterest I went! That’s where I found this Italian bread recipe – super easy! Made the house smell amazing too. BUT the most important part is always the taste, right?


Well, my husband tasted it and couldn’t stop talking about how amazing the bread was. He actually told me that if I just make this bread all the time, he’d be fine with that. 🙂 I have to admit, it’s super soft and delicious. AND since it was so easy to make and used less ingredients that my other bread recipes, I’m all on board for that. So I may just have found a new bread recipe. Unless someone provides a better one? It’s not an Amish recipe, but even I can admit when a different recipe is superb – Italians sure do know what they’re doing when they cook/bake, right?

I think I covered it all…I think that was our stay-cation…we had Thursday-Sunday off and stayed home, just enjoying being with each other and our son. We visited with friends on Thursday evening, my brother-in-law on Friday evening, and a couple was here yesterday (the friend with the vehicle that needed repair on Saturday? He came back yesterday to finish working on it and his wife came over as well). So all in all, we had a great Thanksgiving. The time went too quickly, for sure.

Today will be super busy – for the next three weeks I will be babysitting an additional little boy, a 4 month old. I’ll have him part-time the first two weeks and full-time the third week. So it’ll be an adjustment for the older two boys and for me as well. It’ll be a good indicator of what it would be like to have toddler twins and an infant, lol!

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