Happy Thanksgiving!


That picture, my friends, is how my morning started. Snuggle time, in our bed, with our son. He woke up before 7am and normally we would leave him in there until at least 7am. BUT we were feeling super generous, so I got up, brushed my teeth (I don’t do much before I brush my teeth) and got our son out of bed. He was so excited to see me this morning and that was saying something, as my husband made the executive decision last night to take away Z’s pacifier. He’s 2 months past his 2nd birthday…so away went the pacifier. Now, I tried this about 2 months ago, but wasn’t nearly as strong as my husband. And we’ve been saying “no more pacifier, let’s throw it away!” here and there, but we never follow through. But last night, my husband lovingly and sweetly convinced our son that the pacifier was no longer needed. He didn’t lose his cool once, not once, with our son. Granted, Z didn’t throw a fit either. He kind of cried for a few minutes when we started talking about going to bed and we didn’t give it to him. But he calmed down. Once we put him to bed and we left the room, it was then that the antics started. Oh, how he talked and talked, throwing in a few loud yells (never angry, just talking as loud as he could) here and there. Then he got silent..so I looked at the monitor…. What was my son doing? LICKING every slat on his crib, one by one. I am laughing just remembering. I couldn’t stop laughing about it last night! Who does that? This kid…he cracks me up. Anyway, he carried on, here and there for about 2 hours before he FINALLY fell asleep. But he did it. I was so proud of him, and my husband. Glad my husband had the nerve to take it away. Men are sometimes much stronger about something like that than a mommy is. šŸ™‚

On to this morning – so I got him out of bed and he was so happy to see me. He asked where his pacifier was and I said he doesn’t have it anymore. He said “ok” and we moved on. That simple. Love this kid! I asked if he wanted to read some books in bed with mommy and daddy. He said “yes!”, so we picked some books out and snuggled and read books for about 20-30 minutes. Then we got up and started our day. Which included showers for all. Wasn’t supposed to be all of us..just mommy and daddy..but a certain little human being got crumbs in his hair when helping mommy make cheesecake;


So into the shower for him as well. It was all good though – I love having him in the kitchen with me. šŸ™‚

Speaking of – how was my week so far? Well, it has been extremely full. I am THANKFUL for my kitchen. For the stove, the oven, KitchenAid stand mixer, all my measuring utensils and baking items. Why? Because I was a baking machine this week! I had some orders come in and I worked my tail off to get them done in time and before today. Then what do I do today? I bake two cheesecakes, lol! I just can’t stop. šŸ™‚ I love it though, I really do.


I am THANKFUL for a son who enjoys being in the kitchen with mommy and helps me. I am THANKFUL for a husband who encourages my passion and spreads the word, bringing orders for baked goods from his office. I am THANKFUL, most of all, for the Lord, who has given me this life I live. Because it’s a pretty great life.

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