The snow is here – time to hibernate! ;)


We’ve been very blessed this year (in my sun and heat-loving eyes), in that the first snow-accumulating-fall is just now happening. And boy is it happening! We have a good 3-4 inches on the ground (according to my husband, because I’m no good at eyeballing measurements like this) with no signs of the snow stopping. That’s ok though. I have decided that this year I will embrace the snow and cold. After all, it’s only for what, 8-9 months? OK, ok, I’m exaggerating….it should only be for about 4-5 months. PRAYERFULLY. Hehe…

Anyhow, I am having an amazing weekend. For one thing, I was really stress-eating this week;


Yet, I did not gain weight. I lost almost a pound! YEA! Know what that means? Yup, EAT MORE!!!!! HAHA!!!! Second, last night my husband, son and I did something totally new – we led a parade with some couples from our church.


It was a light parade at a local town. It was to kick off the Christmas season (I know, I know – it’s not even Thanksgiving yet) and so all the parade folks had their cars/floats/attendees decked out in lights and neons. It was about a 45 minute route and extremely fun! Our son was especially interested in the car directly behind us, a new Ford Mustang, that was decked out in Christmas lights.


This morning we did some grocery shopping (stayed $15 under what I wanted to spend, even though we bought a $5 round sled at Wal-Mart for our son – BONUS!) and then came home, where we had lunch and I made some bread for our neighbors…and learned that bread will REALLY rise when you allow it to rise, unattended (aka, forgotten) for about 1.5 hours. Hehehe…

This afternoon we don’t have any plans except going outside with the snow boat (the sled, but that’s such a boring word once you hear your child constantly refer to the sled as a “snow boat”).

I do have a pumpkin pie to bake for tomorrow evening. We’re celebrating Thanksgiving with our life group from church and I volunteered to bring the pie (I’ll post the recipe – it’s from, you guessed it, my mom!). I also have to make some snickers cookies tomorrow. My husband is having a chili cook off and bake-off at work on Monday. So I am making the cookies for him and he’ll make his infamous chili (he’s won a few contests already with it).

So, yes, a great weekend when it’s filled with baking, family time, new adventures and celebrating a holiday (or anything) with friends.

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