Stress-eating and I know it


Ok, so there are a few things going on in my life right now. All of which you guys know. First – I’m doing SO MUCH research on how to make money while being a stay at home mom. Whether it’s growing my blog into a monetary thing, working for another company at home (legit and ahem, G rated), or a combination of both. Then that rolls into being financially responsible with the money the Lord has currently blessed us with, right? Well, let’s start with that last one.

We forwarded some of our financial information to a trusted confidante a bit ago and last night we had a phone conversation with said person. We started and ended the conversation with prayer. Wow….I mean, I know that we have a few things we could be doing differently, but this person really laid it out for us. I was near tears a few times. This person was so very firm, but loving. A complete blessing, for sure. They let us know that they weren’t judging us at all, but just telling us what they were seeing and wanted to know, were we aware of how we were actually spending our money and did we want to continue that way or did we want to change? I wanted to take our computer and throw it in frustration (completely useless, seeing as how the computer is being used only to track what we spend – it doesn’t actually SPEND the money. DUH). Said person gave us some homework to do (and me, being the type of person I am, did everything this morning – minus the actual budget portion, which I need to do with my husband). I will say I have gone back and forth, today, between frustration, guilt, hope, and peace. This friend reassured us last night that we can not change the past, but we can most certainly change the present and future spending habits. So that’s what we’ll do! I’m excited to see where we can change and how those changes will bring about paying off debt and bringing less stress into the picture (when it comes to money).

Then there’s the whole scouring-the-Internet-to-try-and-become-a-quick-millionaire bit. Has anyone found that link yet? Because I can’t. So far, I’ve only found scams. Not cool! Why is it illegal to just print our own money? That would solve so much for me, when it comes to money….I’d be debt free in as much time as it would take for me to print the money I need. Definitely would be debt free in an hour, I’m sure. I think..I’m not sure how long it takes to print money. So I have to make money the hard way – earn it. Phooey. BUT I don’t give up. I will persevere. My parents taught us a lot. One of the things they taught us was to give 100% to whatever we do. To do all to the glory of God. I can do this! I can find something to do to bring in a little extra to pay down that debt!

In the meantime – while I’m scouring the Internet and SLIGHTLY stressing, I’ll continue to eat the butterfinger bars (and POSSIBLY follow them up with potato chips – don’t judge me!) to help calm me down. I know, I know – you shouldn’t eat your emotions. I am not doing that – I’m um, I’m…. I’m simply enjoying the fruits of my baking/cooking labor. HA! 🙂

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