There has to be a way…


Ok, there has to be a way to make money blogging, right? I mean, I know there are so many people who claim they blog for a living. I have yet to see it, lol. BUT I am determined to research it thoroughly and determine how to do it. I’ve been spending my last few days browsing Pinterest articles (there are so many!!!!) for any legit-sounding advice on how to make money blogging. The problem is that some of the articles are more “IT” sounding than what I know. I know everything basic about a computer and setting up my blog/hosting site. But beyond that? I’m lost. They start using computer lingo and I’m completely confused. But I will not give up! I will do my best to figure out how to make money using this blog. Mainly because I really do enjoy blogging, so why not try to make money doing it? I love to bake and cook, but that gets a little more challenging when it comes to making money. Suddenly the government wants to be involved to make sure I’m not poisoning folks and all that. 😉 I’ll keep you all posted as I go along!

Alright – my last few days…well, Monday I made white bread. This is a basic bread recipe and is my grandma’s recipe (my mom’s mom). I screwed up and killed the yeast by using too hot of water at first…but I was able to somewhat save it, thanks to my amazing mom. Yet another learning tool!


Then yesterday (Tuesday), I started the day by going through our craft bin that is stored in the basement…I found quite a bit I didn’t realize I had. So I put some things into a smaller bin (washable markers, crayons, coloring books, plain paper, stickers, etc..) to store up here for easy access. The boys had fun with their creative time.


During their nap time, I went and grabbed my scarves. Here’s the thing – I can’t tie scarves all “cute” like other women do. I try, but it doesn’t work and they end up looking like they are trying to choke me. I got the great idea to sew the ends of the scarves together and make them infinity scarves! I figured if my plan didn’t work, it wouldn’t be any loss to me because I don’t wear the scarves as they currently were anyway. Well, it worked! I was able to sew 3 of my 5 scarves into infinity scarves! I also had a tear in the seam of one of my boots, so I sewed that as well.


The evening was well, it was amazing. My husband and I went for our usual evening walk with our son and dog. BUT this time we put a headlamp on our son. He was LOVING it.


So much so, that when we got home, we turned off all the lights and played hide and seek in the dark. We ended up on our bed, under the covers looking at the light. Then made our way out into the living room where my husband read to our son with the headlamp.


This was followed by getting ready for bed (turning on the lights, finally) and snuggles while watching some VeggieTales. All in all, it was a great day. I have a blessed life, you all. I know it.

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