A weekend of reflection


So I’ve been spending the last few days doing quite a bit. First, I’ve been constantly praying for wisdom and to hear (and follow) the Spirit’s guiding. Second, I’ve been busy with our son and my husband. We had quite a bit going on this weekend. The good part is that all that busyness has made me really appreciate the few quiet moments we are enjoying this afternoon while our son is sleeping.

There have also been quite a few blessings – I’ve had a few people reach out and offer assistance (not monetary) with our debt situation. I spoke with my husband and he was open to doing what needs to be done to quit the debt snowball.

And then there was the moment God showed me, yet again, that He ALWAYS provides. Sometimes in ways you don’t even expect or think about. You see, our son is growing out of his 2T clothes (and he’s not even 2 months past his second birthday!!!) – he has his daddy’s height and so all his pants are becoming um, well, “flood” pants. It’s fine when we’re at home, but to go out? It’s a little silly. So I was praying about going to the Salvation Army (nothing new – I very rarely buy my own clothes brand new, and refuse to buy anything brand new for a child who grows out of clothes in about 2.5 seconds, lol) and mainly praying that the Lord would bless the shopping expedition. This was Thursday night that I started praying (note: I wasn’t fervently praying – just a casual one-time prayer for clothes at a great price). Friday I was browsing Facebook and I came across a post. A VERY generous woman posted that she had an entire garbage bag full of 3T and 4T (and some 5/6) boys clothes FOR FREE. WHAT? I quickly clicked on the post, figuring I would be a good 20 people down the list. Nope. NO ONE had shown any interest in the clothes. Say what? I quickly let her know I was interested. Later Friday evening, my husband and I went to get the clothes. She wasn’t kidding – there was an entire large black garbage bag of clothes. We ran our errands (I had an eye appointment for new glasses – turns out my current glasses are at least 9 years old!!! Yikes…and even though they tried to upsell me on more expensive frames and then all the bells and whistles, I settled for glasses that were covered entirely by insurance and didn’t add anything extra!) and when we got home, we put our son to bed and I started sorting through the clothes. First off, the clothes are in MINT condition. There are clothes for every season in each size, including some light jackets! PJ’s as well. AND we’re U of M fans and they were too – our son also has U of M gear for the next few years….There were 4 loads of laundry worth of clothes…..and I had the washer packed, lol. When the Lord blesses, there are times He blesses in small ways. Then there are these times – when He provides for a need in a way that you can only attribute to HIM. I mean, all these clothes for FREE? May the Lord richly bless the sweet woman who gave them to me.


This is all 4T – so many clothes!


This is the 3T pile – again, more than enough.


This is the 5/6 pile – not as much, but um, we have a good 2 years (prayerfully, lol!) before he’ll need anything in that size.

All those clothes – for free.

I know that this is so “small” considering everything going on around the world, especially in the last few days. It’s a sobering time, it’s a praying time. The God who provided these clothes for us is also the God over everything that has, is and will happen. He’s the same, yesterday, today and forever. He’s our God in famine or feast. I don’t understand why everything that has happened did happen. But I trust in the Lord. He doesn’t always answer the prayers the way WE want, but He’s there, always…answering the prayers in His time and His way. I pray, today, for the families all around the world that are dealing with loss and grief. I pray for the evil that is perpetuating all this chaos. It doesn’t make sense to my human mind, but I know the Lord. I trust in Him. Because no matter what my future holds, He is already there.

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