Oh, How He Loves Us!


Ok, so what happened yesterday? Well, it was a Monday..so I made some bread (that’s become a part of my normal Monday routine now), did all my normal chores and then a most amazing thing happened – it was a GORGEOUS day. November 2, in Michigan, and it reached a high of 69 degrees!!!!! WHAT?? You bet we spent quite a bit of time outside. I had the windows open and the back sliding door open (it’s called a “doorwall” here in Michigan, so odd…). My son and the boy I babysit played out in the fenced in patio while I finished up the bread and then I went out with them. It felt so great! They even had lunch out there! Of course, after they went to bed, I took a book and headed back outside to soak up every second of the brilliant sunlight and heat that I could. I even dug out a bathing suit (I had washed them and packed them all away for the season, but I dug one out!) because it was that warm! I wanted to literally SOAK up every ray of sun that I could. 🙂 In case you doubt that pic is legit, as in, from yesterday – here’s another:


See the bare tree? Yup – that is not a summer pic y’all. That is a picture from yesterday. And today is supposed to be the same. So I will be outside again. Once the boys woke up, we headed back outside as well. After J was picked up, I put Z in the jogging stroller and I went for a run. It felt amazing to not be cold while running. I got home, and felt so energized! I was praising the Lord for His great blessing – a beautiful WARM day – in November!

Then I had MOPS last night and the guest speaker spoke on the strong-willed child. She gave some great suggestions on how to manage the situations when your child just has you at your wit’s end. She had me so riveted that I lost track of time! All in all, yesterday was a great day – one that revived me and left me feeling refreshed. So different for a Monday, huh? 😉

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