Shhh….Christmas Cutouts – for the first time!


So Thursday I decided to empty some more space out of my freezer (it’s really getting ridiculous as to the amount of frozen baked goods that I have in both the regular freezer and the deep freezer….I need to eat them quickly, give them away to neighbors/random people or start being invited to many parties and taking them as favors/hostess gifts…) and grabbed some frozen butter cookie dough. It’s a recipe I received from my mom (recipe here). So I thawed the dough overnight in the fridge and yesterday I baked the cookies. Now, I know – it’s a little early for Christmas cookies, right? Well, here’s the thing. I have had that dough in the freezer for over a YEAR. Yeah… I wasn’t sure it would still be good. But I figured I would try, if nothing else, to have a little fun with Z. No harm done. If they tasted bad or didn’t bake properly, then I would just toss them. Anyway, so this morning I took the baked cookies, and separated some leftover cream cheese frosting (recipe here), colored the frosting (blue, yellow and red), got some sprinkles out, and prepped the work area, aka the kitchen table. Then Z and I got started.


He had some fun! (Yes, I had a small amount of dough that I apparently dyed green last year. Why? I have no idea….but oh well. I baked them yesterday.) He tried frosting the cookies, but wasn’t too thrilled about that part. He just wanted to eat the frosting. So we worked out a system. Mommy would frost and Z would do the sprinkles.


Thankfully I had put a sheet underneath the table. It honestly wasn’t that bad, under the table. But boy did my son have a blast with those sprinkles. Wow…..Once I was done frosting the cookies (thankfully, I only did a small batch today – because he then had the idea that sprinkles should be “sprinkled” EVERYWHERE, not just on the cookies), I sat back and enjoyed watching him have some fun.


He ate a few bites off of about 4 cookies. Don’t worry – I will not be handing these cookies out to people. 🙂 I’m thinking this was more for a fun little project/memory maker than anything else. If I decide to do more, I’ll do them on my own, when my son isn’t around to poke, lick and chew bites off the cookies. 😉

I love that I was able to do this with him, but I’m not sure how my mom did this, year after year, with 4 children. It’s messy and requires quite a bit of patience. I only had 1 child and we did about 19-20 cookies (includes the ones he ate/broke). It didn’t take that long at all. I remember my mom making TONS of cookies. It would take hours to decorate them all. She has the patience of well, I don’t know – what/who has a ton of patience? Whoever it is, my mom has much more. Clearly…or maybe she’s just not as much of a neat freak as I am? It was driving me insane to see the sprinkles all over, lol! But I did relax and enjoy it, seeing how much Z was enjoying it. He was so quiet and intent on “decorating”. I’ll definitely do this every year with him. I loved that tradition with my mom and as long as Z wants to, I’ll do it with him!


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