Hey Friday? Let’s have a good one!



I should have known when my morning (yesterday) started off with a spider in the bathroom. I should have known…. But I just killed the sucker, flushed his body down the toilet and then continued with my routine. Z was up a little early but I didn’t think anything of it. I just got him up, we saw daddy off to work and began our morning together. The little boy I babysit daily, J,  arrived and it started almost immediately. The toddlers vs the adult. Yup. Within a half hour of J being dropped off, my girlfriend dropped off her almost 3 month old for me to watch for a few hours. While she was still here, J and Z start yelling in Z’s bedroom. I walk in there, holding the baby, and see the boys in a stand-off. Sigh…..handle that situation, say bye to my friend and start prepping for Baby to take a nap. I warn the boys that Baby is trying to sleep so they need to keep it down. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Riiight…..They were throwing toys, trying to destroy every possible item of value in the living room. I “advised” them to sit and read books. They grabbed the fan blades and swung around several times. Ok, I’m kidding, they didn’t do that. Mainly because they can’t reach the fan blades, yet…. I was finally able to convince them that playing in Z’s room would be more fun than the boring living room. WIN!



I rocked sweet Baby while drinking tea and honestly relishing the quiet. I could hear the boys playing so it wasn’t TOO quiet. Every mom/dad/child caregiver knows that there’s a fine line between a good kind of quiet and too quiet. Either way, I rocked and took advantage of a few minutes of peace. I finally caved and put Baby down for his nap and finished making some cookies for a party we’re going to this weekend (I’ve learned to make these things ahead of time, freeze them and then the only “stress” the day of? Take the cookies out of the freezer to thaw in time. No one can ever tell – the cookies taste like there were just made that day!). I tried to make cookies without the toddlers knowing, but it’s like their noses smelled it in 5.2 seconds. Commence my trying to roll the cookies (I was making snickers – recipe – per my husband’s request) while they stand there asking to “help”. Finally, I was done rolling the cookies and ready to bake them. This is when the boys lost interest and went off to play again. Right when I finished getting the last batch out of the oven, Baby woke up. Perfect timing! Fed Baby but he wasn’t acting that hungry – he was only up for about an hour and then fell back asleep (and slept for another 2 hours!). Meanwhile, the toddlers went right back to not listening to a word I said. I noticed a pattern. The second I had Baby, they saw this as an opportunity to disobey, because what could I do? In their mind, anyway. Yeah, we’re going to have to work on that. My nerves were so frazzled by lunch time. Nap time came for the toddlers, Baby was picked up, and I read and relaxed. I needed it so bad!

Needless to say – I’m praying today is much smoother. Z has been stirring and making noises since 5:55am, so who knows. He’s still in his crib, but I’m not sure how much this early stirring will affect his mood. However, I am determined to make this a great day and not allow yesterday to affect today. It’s a new day, and I can do this! 🙂 I was made to be a mommy and I know I have all the tools necessary to have a successful day. What tools? Well, I have a hiding spot, lots of coffee, noise-canceling headphones and a blanket. Just kidding. 😉 I have prayer, deep breaths and definitely coffee or tea. Oh, and the buckeyes I made earlier this week…how could those not help? 🙂

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