Rainy Day Memories


So today dawned dreary and rainy..and it hasn’t improved, weather-wise. However, I enjoyed an amazing morning with my son. We played dominoes (I showed him the fun involved when you set dominoes up in a line and then tap one and watch them all fall) for a good 45 minutes to an hour, colored, played with poker chips (we have a professional poker set that we have NEVER used, except for today…maybe we’ve used it before, but I can’t remember ever using them to actually play poker. At least not me, I do not have a poker face. HA!), he pretended to drink tea with mommy, and we made some cookies (I love to bake – it’s becoming an obsession and my freezer is too full of cookies…I need to stop. I look forward to get-togethers, because that’s an excuse for me to bake – sad).



To top it all off, daddy worked from home today! So we enjoyed that extra perk.

Today reminds me, however, of the song “Uncloudy Day” by Willie Nelson (YouTube link here – unfortunately, I can’t find an actual live video of him singing that wasn’t distorted or “odd”, so this is the lyrics only). This song brings on so many memories and ALWAYS goosebumps. Songs speak to me. I associate almost every song I’ve ever heard with a memory. This song takes me back to sitting on the floor, listening to my dad and several uncles playing this on their guitars, while my mom and aunts (and uncles as well) all sang along. It’s an amazing memory, filled with warm fuzzy feelings. Part of me wants to insist my dad and uncles gather up their guitars and play them the next time I’m in town. I want my mom to dig out her harmonica (yes, she played and she was amazing!), and I want to sit and sing all the songs we used to sing. I know that they may all be rusty, and we may all sound out of tune while singing. But I want to do it. Why don’t I ask? I’m embarrassed. I’m afraid someone will make fun of me for being all “nostalgic” or “silly”, because that was something from the past. I know it was, but it’s one of my most favorite memories from my childhood. The times of sitting there, singing filling the air. I’m sure that’s why music touches my soul the way it does. I am not one to lightly listen to a song. I LISTEN to it. If I decide the words aren’t pleasing (for me, personally, as a Christian and what I feel the Spirit wants me to listen to), then I’m done with the song for good. But if the words speak to me, then I latch on to that song and listen to it until I’m almost sick of it. 🙂

There I go again – I just wanted to say that Uncloudy Day reminded me of today and it turned into a big long paragraph..I’m sure you’re all used to it! 🙂

I’ll leave you with this picture – my son decided he needed to put his “feet up” like mommy and daddy. This kid is something else. I love it!


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