The Greatest of These is Love


So on Friday I got one of the sweetest and best surprises – my mom, two sisters, a cousin and two nephews all came up and surprised me. For what? Oh, just to hang out all day Friday, including spending the night before they headed back to Ohio on Saturday morning. Z and I were thrilled. I LOVE my extended family and so to have them chose to spend their time like that – the 3+ hour drive, time away from spouses/significant others – meant so much to me. They brought A LOT of food (that amazing-looking bundt cake? My sister made that and it was yummy! My cousin brought concord grapes because she remembered me saying I haven’t seen them up here – again, showing love!) and we just spent the day chatting and enjoying each other’s company.


The boys? Oh, they played and they played HARD. This is just one of the aftermath of their playing. 🙂 This was the basement. There was also Z’s bedroom, the living room and, at one point, they were outside and hauled quite a few toys outside as well. Now, the OCD/neat freak in me had to clean up as soon as they were moving on to another room…but the mommy in me was beyond thrilled to see Z and his little cousins enjoying the play time this much. They just played so well together. They were so happy to have the time together and the mommy in me was beyond excited to see my son playing like that. The adult in me was also so excited to have adult time with my mom, sisters and cousin. The boys were so happy to be playing together that we barely saw them. Well, I mean we did (remember how small our place is?), but it wasn’t because we were having to interrupt them or they were interrupting us.

I’ve been wanting a day of girl talk and fellowship, especially with my family, and I got that special gift on Friday. All day Friday! It meant so much that they surprised me and went out of their way to love on me like that. It spoke volumes.

I Corinthians 13: 13

“But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

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